Prince Harry Visits the US
Much to the excitement of American women, Prince Harry was in the US from May 9th through the 15th of 2013. While Prince Harry was here he visited Capital Hill. He spent time at an anti-landmine photography exhibition that was put on by HALO Trust. Prince Harry is a patron of HALO Trust at the Russell Senate Office Building. He toured the exhibit with US Senator John McCain. The exhibit was overtaken by female congressional staffers who were eager to catch a glimpse of Prince Harry. Many women snapped a picture of him, on their cell phones, eager to share them with their friends.

Prince Harry’s visit to the United States is aimed at undertaking engagements on behalf of charities the prince is closely associated with. Additionally, the trip’s central theme is to support injured service personnel from the UK and US forces. Prince Harry’s agenda also includes The Warrior Games in Colorado Springs, which benefit veterans from the US and Britain, areas of New Jersey that suffered from Hurricane Sandy, Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia, and Greenwich, Connecticut for a Polo match. In Connecticut he will participate in the Sentebale Polo Cup, which is a match that was started by his charity of the same name, to raise money for Lesotho and other African regions struggling with poverty.

– Caitlin Zusy