KOICA and USAID are Aiding the World
The Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) is partnering with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to promote developmental change in 11 areas around the world. These areas include education, global health and economic security. The partnership will run from 2023 to 2025 and is benefitting areas around the world including in Africa, Latin America and the Indo-Pacific region.

The agencies first met in Washington D.C. at the USAID headquarters on December 5, 2022, to discuss measures related to their joint effort. This meeting was the first between the agencies’ leaders in eight years. According to U.S. Mission Korea, “Once a recipient of USAID support, South Korea is now a leading democracy and strong partner of the Agency and the broader U.S. government, providing $2.9 billion in development assistance globally in 2021.” Here is more information about how KOICA and USAID are aiding the world.

Overview of How South Korea is Aiding the World

South Korea or officially known as the Republic of Korea began donating to the international community in 1963. This donation was through Triangular Cooperation with USAID. Korea went from being an aid recipient of USAID to being, “the first former aid recipient to join OECD’s Developmental Assistance Committee.”

The KOICA originated in 1991 and to this day follows its guiding mission of “contributing to the common prosperity and the promotion of world peace through inclusive, mutual development cooperation leaving no one behind.”

Since KOICA’s founding, it has donated a total of $563 million to countries across the world. The most recent partnership with USAID will increase this total and further benefit those around the world.

How KOICA and USAID are Aiding the World

On top of the 11 areas the two agencies wish to focus upon, they will work towards 27 tasks in these 11 areas. The two agencies have also agreed to have a shared platform for exchanging results and implementing common projects between them. The utilization of Korea’s digital economy strength will benefit the two agencies, and the two countries’ “common values of human rights, rule of law, and civil society, and in the sector of private partnership.”

Both the President of KOICA, Sohn Hyuk-sang, and USAID administrator, Samantha Power had high praise for the most recent cooperation between the agencies. They both hope the most recent Work Plan will continue to sustain a positive relationship between the U.S. and Korea as well as use the two countries’ resources to help others across the globe.

President Sohn had this to say about the meeting, “As we meet the 70th anniversary of the ROK-U.S. alliance in 2023, I am pleased that the development cooperation agencies of our two countries can gather in one place to discuss sustainable and fruitful cooperation as a part of realizing our global comprehensive strategic alliance.”

About The Work Plan

The Work Plan will fall into place with Korea’s new Indo-Pacific strategy. According to KOICA’s website, “Through the implementation of the Work Plan, KOICA plans to focus on carrying out development cooperation to support developing countries in the Indo-Pacific region in responding to [changing weather patterns] and disasters.”

The Work Plan has the potential to deliver quality resources and aid to developing countries across the world. The way that KOICA and USAID are aiding the world will have an immensely positive effect on those in need. The goals of the project will greatly benefit those who are underserved including those who are in poverty as well as those experiencing the most challenges due to changing weather patterns.

– Sean McMullen
Photo: Flickr