Since the Great Recession, many citizens around the globe have used social media to voice their frustrations with the social and economic conditions within their respective countries. One social media site in particular, Twitter, has played an influential role in developing and sustaining massive protests movements across the Middle East, Europe, even the United States relating to inequality.

Recently, tweeters have adopted a new hash-tag, #endpovertyfriday, to help bring issues of poverty into the global conscience.  Use the hashtag and help promote the issues surrounding poverty!  Here are some top tweets from the twittersphere:

@Monafoundation: The most leveraged way to alleviate global poverty is through universal education and gender equality #endpovertyfriday

@UNDP: #Fridayfact- The number of people living in extreme poverty (>$1.25 a day) has been cut in half since 1990! #endpovertyfriday

@UNDP: One in 8 people still go 2 bed hungry.  Watch the world’s poverty statistics here:  v @IAMNURU #EndPovertyFriday

@bfitzpatrick94: It is necessary to diminish the first world’s persistent tendency to WASTE in order to attain our development goals. …

@SocProtection: National Floors of #SocialProtection can increase labor productivity and allow a country’s economic potential to develop

@yankeeu: #EndPovertyFriday put universal access to healthcare as goal & target health workforce #globaldev 4 sustainability

@UNDPIndonesia: There are 5 factors to food insecurity: lack of electricity access, roads/health facility, poverty rate & female illiteracy #EndPovertyFriday

@USAIDAsia: Read about @USAID efforts to tackle extreme poverty this #EndPovertyFriday  @UNDP

@GrameenAmerica: Poverty in America now affects one in six residents  #talkpoverty

@Winnie_Byanyima: More top footballers to join UNDP’s 10th annual Match Against Poverty  #EndPovertyFriday

@flofash: “Anyone who has ever struggled with poverty knows how extremely expensive it is to be poor.” – James A. Baldwin~ #EndPovertyFriday

@UNDP_Pakistan: “Poverty is the deprivation of opportunity” Prof. Amartya Sen #EndPovertyFriday

@chriseny: #Promoteliteracy “@UNDP: 1 in  4 young pple in dev countries r still unable 2 read.More at @guardian:

The first step to solving any great problem is raising awareness.  The world achieved the United Nations Millennium Development Goal of reducing extreme poverty by half five years ahead of schedule! Harnessing the networking capacity of social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, we can take the global initiative of ending extreme poverty to new heights.  Use the #endpovertyfriday and create some noise today!

– Sunny Bhatt

Sources: National Public Radio, CNN, NewsBusters
Photo: Flickr