World Day of Social Justice
Days ago, on Wednesday, February 20th, the global observance of the World Day of Social Justice was honored by the U.N. It was first observed in 2009. Ban Ki-moon, the Secretary-General of the U.N., uttered some words of remembrance this year when he expressed that in order to achieve a better and more ideal world, there will be a need for a more “inclusive, equitable and sustainable development path built on dialogue, transparency and social justice.”

The World Day of Social Justice is dedicated to the hopes of better employment, social justice, and equality for all. By breaking social barriers of race, gender, disability, and religion, such an idealistic goal can be met. Ten years after political leaders’ decision to tackle global poverty and unemployment, a promise was made to better develop social justice. Thus, in 2007, the World Day of Social Justice was launched by the U.N. General Assembly. Although relatively new, each year the cause becomes more known and incorporates more and more people and institutions, such as various schools and colleges, to take it into account.

Social justice holds a powerful force to influence and lead better lives, equally and positively affecting people from all over the world and from different backgrounds. With the growth of poverty, particularly child poverty, all over the world including in the U.K., poverty awareness is becoming increasingly important. Future policies must better address poverty in hopes of fulfilling social justice and promoting coexistence.

– Leen Abdallah

Source: New Free Press

World Day Of Social JusticeIn an annual message marking the World Day of Social Justice celebrated every February 20, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon spoke of the need to address increasing inequality and limited access to education, healthcare and opportunities all around the world. Secretary-General Ban said, “Growing inequality undermines the international community’s progress in lifting millions out of poverty and building a more just world.”

In 2007, the General Assembly proclaimed February 20 as the World Day of Social Justice, dedicating the day to the promotion of national activities that furthered the cause of the World Summit of Social Development. These include the end of poverty and the promotion of full employment and decent work, gender equity, access to social well-being and justice for all. Along with advocating for policies that promote inclusive development, the Secretary-General called on countries to increase efforts to reach the anti-poverty targets known as the Millennium Development Goals which will expire in 2015. He also stressed the need to look beyond 2015 to set new goals for sustainable development.

“As we seek to build the world we want, let us intensify our efforts to achieve a more inclusive, equitable and sustainable development path built on dialogue, transparency and social justice,” Secretary-General Ban said.

– Rafael Panlilio 

Source: UN