The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has been working with the Skye program to help workers in the Caribbean become more employable through training and education.

The Skye program is organized by the Caribbean Basin Security Initiative. The program recently graduated 36 students from the Skye training program. The program teaches the participants important skills and behaviors to make them more employable and helps them find and keep job after completing the program. Many of the participants have been unable to find or keep jobs because they have not finished high school, have been in a juvenile correctional facility, or have had poor behavior in the workplace. Completion of the training program shows employers that the participants are ready to change their lives for the better and be reliable employees.

There are currently about 400 participants enrolled in the program and the effort will continue to help train and educate youth in the region with the goal of creating a better prepared, more efficient pool of workers for the local economy.

– Kevin Sullivan

Source: Stabroek News
Photo: Picasa