TikTok was founded in September 2016 and has since taken the world by storm. Designed for users to easily create and share short videos that are meant to entertain and inspire, the social networking platform has roughly 800 million active users and has been downloaded almost 500 million times in India alone. The founders of TikTok realized the immense influence the app holds within the country and thus launched an educational campaign called EduTok. Through this initiative, TikTok is educating millions of Indian users by providing important resources to India’s youth and encouraging the democratization of India’s digital community.

What Is EduTok?

Users of EduTok include the hashtag #EduTok in any educational, motivational or career-related content in order to spread intellectual information throughout the Indian community. The hashtag has shared over 10 million videos since its genesis in October 2019, receiving more than 48 billion views.

Developing Partnerships with TikTok

Many educational technology companies including Made Easy, Toppr and GradeUp have acknowledged the influence of #EduTok and have collaborated with TikTok to promote their content. These partnerships deliver subject-focused information via entertaining videos, centralizing users’ interests and encouraging them to explore specific career paths.

TikTok also established an #Edutok Mentorship Program with Josh Talks and The/Nudge Foundation, two Indian nonprofit organizations. Josh Talks is an Indian media platform that highlights educational and motivational speakers to encourage India’s youth to form connections and pursue their interests; The/Nudge Foundation focuses on improving poverty, unemployment and education in India. The #EduTok Mentorship Program provides specialized educational content to first-time internet users to improve their transition to the digital world. The program will accomplish this mission by hosting 25 workshops to provide users with hands-on learning experiences from popular #EduTok creators. With just 5,000 users invited to attend each workshop, this experience will be uniquely personalized and participatory, including tailored content like skill development, career planning and identity building. By personalizing content and providing in-depth, hands-on experiences, young Indians have a unique opportunity to advance their knowledge and explore various career fields.

Inspiring A Wide Impact

#EduTok is a multifaceted integrated campaign. Although the campaign has only been launched in India so far, cities in India have interpreted and utilized the campaign differently to create a diverse platform. For instance, users in Bhopal primarily watch motivational videos; users in Armistrar concentrate on language learning; users in Delhi focus on technology hacks. By allowing each community to cater content to its unique needs, the #Edutok campaign provides a sense of adaptability that has enabled its immense success.

#EduTok is not the only rising TikTok initiative. The company recently collaborated with the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) to promote the #Skills4All campaign, a program that provides Indian youth with vocational training and skill development opportunities. These two campaigns both work to support education initiatives and encourage creativity with the common goal of boosting India’s economy through its youth.

In the midst of COVID-19 and other global challenges, TikTok is educating millions of Indian users by exploiting its influence to do good. By providing free and entertaining educational resources to billions of Indian youth through #EduTok, the company is ushering in a new-age approach to learning that will help to democratize education. Because of the #EduTok and #Skills4All campaigns, TikTok transformed from a popular social media platform to a service with real social value.

– Ashley Bond
Photo: Pixabay