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The famous female-favorite movie star Ryan Gosling – notably known for films such as Drive and The Ides of March – is much more than just the typical Hollywood hunk. Over the past few years Gosling has proven to be quite a proactive and admirable advocate.

Gosling’s main advocacy passion is for animal rights: he has on numerous occasions spoken for maltreated farm animals. In the spring of this year, for instance, he learned of an atrocious practice about which he wrote a letter to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), urging them for immediate action. Apparently, farms across the nation would engage in extremely painful dehorning methods of cows. Using dangerous chemicals or simply amputating the appendages would leave a three-month healing time; only about a tenth of all farms use any kind of pain reliever for their animals. Ryan Gosling advocates that the simple solution here would be to breed hornless cows. The letter was publicized in its fullness on PETA’s website and quickly spread across the internet.

In 2011, Gosling appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel show raising another important issue: the war in Congo and how we are fueling it by buying products – everyday electronics – which contain minerals obtained there. Advocating for human rights, Gosling states, “We want our products conflict free.” The star personally visited Congo prior to his appearance on the show, meeting with various organizations and actively advocating against the war. He urges viewers of Jimmy Kimmel to do the same by supporting Raise Hope for Congo – a campaign geared against the ongoing conflict in eastern Congo.

In a separate letter to the Globe and Mail, Ryan Gosling advocates for maltreated pigs by drawing a parallel between them and his beloved dog, George. Intelligent and curiously close to humans in plentiful ways, pigs are being kept in solitary confinement for weeks by the pork industry, leading to the deterioration of both mind and muscle. Gosling means that he could never imagine doing that to his four-legged companion; actually, could any Canadian (or sensible person in general)?

Ryan Gosling as an advocate is a true knight in shining armor for the world of the weak and the voiceless. The characters he portrays in his films are often troubled yet highly likable. Using that same charisma outside of the big screen is Gosling’s advocacy wild card. Decidedly down-to-earth and concerned with making the world a better place, he manages to seamlessly intertwine his career with his passion for aiding those in need. Instead of putting on glamorous events or the likes, he often chooses the more subtle, yet efficient approach of going straight to the source. As individuals stumble upon these letters he’s taken the time to personally write, they may stop and think for an extra moment, and feel more motivated to act themselves. Because, let’s be frank: few can resist the inspiring, mysterious, yet heartwarming appeal of Ryan Gosling.

– Natalia Isaeva

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Photo: Mirror UK

Ryan Gosling on Poverty
The only thing better than Ryan Gosling himself is a movie with Ryan Gosling in it. From the romantic classic The Notebook to the more recent rom-com Crazy, Stupid, Love, Mr. Gosling has bewitched moviegoers everywhere. While Gosling himself is an avid supporter of social causes such as PETA, Invisible Children, and the Enough Project, his movies teach the audience a wider and more important lesson about poverty.

The Notebook
In The Notebook, Ryan plays a persistent lover named Noah who transcends society’s expectations to win the love of his life. Even with hardships and distance, Noah’s love never deters and his determination pays off in the end. The Notebook teaches us that perseverance rewards. Poverty is a problem that will continue to persist the world unless we take action to fight it. Just as Noah never gives up, the world cannot back down against the global fight against poverty.

Crazy, Stupid, Love
In this romcom, Gosling plays a suave, young man named Jacob who leads a flashy lifestyle. He takes pity on a man named Cal whom he meets at a bar and he soon transforms Cal’s life by providing him with a debonair wardrobe and a new sense of confidence. This movie reflects how intervention can be transformative. From a grassroots approach to a more wide-scale effort, every bit of action is transformative and helpful in the fight against poverty. Crazy, Stupid, Love teaches us to be agents of change when fighting poverty.

Lars and the Real Girl
In this comedy film, Gosling is Lars, a quirky and socially awkward young man, who develops a relationship with a blowup doll named Bianca. Although all of Lars’ friends and family are initially hesitant to accept his relationship, Bianca comes to touch each of their lives. This movie shows us that poverty can affect every individual in different ways. Even if one is not directly living in poverty, the effects of poverty can be felt worldwide through limited job markets, increased security threats, and a vast untapped potential market. The solutions to poverty must be innovative and far-reaching, as seen by the popularity and universality of Ryan Gosling movies.

– Ananya Marathe

Source: The Internet Movie Database -IMDb
Photo: Poodle Stalkers