How does anyone rise out of poverty? Can it really be that simple? Just end poverty.

Most of us know that the problem of global poverty cannot be solved so easily. House Representative Gwen Moore has reintroduced the RISE out of poverty act which was first brought to Congress in February of 2013. The RISE stands for Rewriting to Improve and Secure an Exit out of poverty, and that is exactly what many people struggling against poverty in this world need; a way out.

One of the amendments to the reintroduction of this bill includes extending the TANF act, or Temporary Assistance for Needy families as distributed by the states under federal law. There can no longer be a limit under sixty months for families receiving assistance from the TANF Act. States can also decide to increase eligibility for aid to children until they are twenty-one years old.

Amount of aid determined correct is not allowed to be influenced by any financial assistance given to children for educational purposes (scholarships, lunch plan, tuition discount, etc) . The newly stated focus of the TANF plan is eliminating poverty among children.

Increasing the monetary amount given to families in need, on top of welfare, is one way the bill intends to help lift families with children out of poverty. Mothers trying to work and support and educate young children can cause a struggle especially in low-wage jobs and under-developed neighborhoods.

Part of the bill allows parents to reject job offers that are below minimum wage salaries or hourly rates and still receive assistance. The cost of living has increased and so must the allowances made by the assistance programs. The bill will also provide day care for mothers who have children and are in school, on workfare, or exiting welfare programs in order to accept small-wage jobs.

Congress is recognizing that ending poverty is possible only with their implementation of active policies focused on this very issue.

In a quote from, Gwen Moore says “I think that he is going to set the tone for the rest of the 113th Congress by saying ‘with you or without you, I’m continuing to be hopeful and optimistic about making this economy work and I’m going to start by doing what I can do.” This quote was in response to President Obama’s sentiments during the State of the Union address that the wealthiest nation on earth should have no workers living in poverty.

Eradicating poverty is not only good for the economy but it is good for the nation as a whole and contributes to the happier, healthier living of everyone across the globe.

Kaitlin Sutherby

Sources: Fox 6 News, Global Women’s Strike,
Photo: Cheri Gregory