5 Organizations Helping India During COVID-19
The COVID-19 crisis in India has increased tremendously over the past few months, with few signs of decline. With more than 21 million people infected, hospitals are being overrun and are forced to turn the infected away. In addition, mass supplies of oxygen are running short. However, some organizations are helping people through to the other end of this crisis. Here are five organizations helping India during COVID-19. These organizations provide food, oxygen, medical supplies and personal protection equipment (PPE) to those in need.

5 Organizations Helping India During COVID-19

  1. OxygenForIndia: A major shortage in oxygen causes doctors to be unable to treat and save patients affected by the virus. Healthcare facilities usually use 15% of India’s oxygen supply, with the rest being used industrially. Due to the second wave of the virus, health care facilities are now using 90% of the oxygen supply and it is quickly running out. Because of this low supply, many COVID-19 patients cannot be admitted to hospitals as there is no treatment available to them. OxygenForIndia is delivering lifesaving oxygen to those who need it. The organization focuses on people and communities that are less likely to be admitted into a hospital. It has an online-triage system that helps identify patients in low-income communities and hospitals that have the greatest clinical and economic need. The organization delivers oxygen cylinders and concentrators at zero cost.
  2. Hemkunt Foundation: The Hemkunt Foundation, based outside of New Delhi, is helping critical patients by distributing oxygen cylinders through its network of volunteers. Many hospitals are no longer able to accept patients. However, those infected by the virus still need treatment and, in most cases, oxygen. Many also live in rural areas, far away from any treatment options. The Hemkunt Foundation has set up two separate drives to accommodate patients in their time of need. It provides oxygen cylinders via drive-through and home delivery. The organization currently relies on crowd-funding and donations.
  3. American Physicians of Indian Origin: To ease hospitals and doctors overwhelmed with the number of COVID-19 patients, doctors worldwide have offered their services. American Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI) has partnered with E-Global Doctors, to allow doctors overseas to utilize telehealth sessions to host COVID-19 consultations, free of cost. Low-income households, who would otherwise be unable to seek medical advice, are now able to access various specialists and help through telehealth consults. Additionally, overwhelmed hospitals now have some space to breathe.
  4. Recipe of Hope: When one person is infected with the virus, family members and households are also exposed. This leaves them without caretakers or family members to care for the unwell. Recipe of Hope is a group of nine people from Bangalore that have stepped up amidst the COVID-19 crisis. The group delivers home-cooked meals to COVID-19 patients completely free of cost. Started by Piyush Jain and Miti Desai, Recipe of Hope runs four home kitchens in various parts of the city to deliver daily lunches. The organization has been able to send out more than 500 meals in the first two weeks that it has been up and running. Delivery services like Dunzo help deliver the meals.
  5. The Association for India’s Development: This organization is a Maryland, U.S.-based charity that partners with nonprofits in India. Currently, the charity has its volunteers distributing PPE amongst families living below the poverty line in India’s 29 states. There are many families also facing food scarcity due to India’s continuous lockdown efforts. Furthermore, the pandemic has intensified the vulnerabilities of India’s food systems, including supply chains and the labor involved in them. In response, this organization has also focused on distributing groceries to families. It has worked with 30 partner organizations in 18 states to give groceries to communities left out of government rations.

Moving Forward

These five organizations helping India during COVID-19 are ensuring millions find relief during this ongoing crisis. Without continued support, COVID-19 cases in the country will likely continue to rise. Moving forward, it is imperative that more organizations step up and provide aid to those in need.

– Simran Pasricha
Photo: Flickr