Clean energy is an important factor for a flourishing country, and over the last few months, India has fallen from fourth into eighth place on the Renewable Energy Country Attractiveness Index. To combat this issue, John Kerry made a visit to India to discuss possible solutions. One of the main topics on the agenda was the impacts of climate change, which means that the country’s fall on the Index is an even more pressing and important issue.

As a result of the three-day trip, USAID has agreed to make an investment worth $100 million to help build up India’s clean energy programs. The organization is partnering with a U.S.-based investment company to facilitate the investment with an India-based company, and the enormous amount of money will go to a private fund in the Clean Technology Sector.

USAID focuses on many areas to improve global development, one of which is protecting the environment and preventing global climate change. Climate change hurts the poor the most, so the organization makes the effort to promote clean energy as much as possible. In the past, they have helped millions of people who depend on the environment live cleaner and healthier lives, and by 2016 the organization plans to partner with 20 countries like India to help create more opportunities for clean and renewable energy.

Rajiv Shah, the USAID Administrator, explained that investment can help lower carbon emissions in the country as well as create new energy development opportunities. He also stated that it could create more energy capacity to light another ten thousand families’ homes in India in the upcoming years.

– Katie Brockman
Source: International Business Times, USAID
Photo: Politico