Celebrities Help the Poor

With today’s technology, it seems as though there’s an endless number of places for people to share any and all thoughts and ideas — Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and now, Ripple.

Ripple is changing the social media game and reinventing the way celebrities help the poor by turning content into currency. Donors’ options are no longer limited to expensive and exclusive events. Instead, Ripple establishes a platform that makes it possible for all people to positively impact the world.

How exactly does Ripple work? By simply viewing and sharing posts from participating celebrities and charities listed on social media platforms, one can help to raise money without spending anything. Ripple converts fan engagement into donations for charity using a unique ad-based revenue model.

Essentially, the more Ripple content that is viewed and shared, the more donations are generated. With a reliable partner to its causes, Ripple accurately measures the amount of money being raised and gives 100 percent of the funds to the participating charities with no risk or associated costs.

Several celebrities and organizations have already joined Ripple, such as the Tiger Woods Foundation (TWF), which works to improve the health, education and welfare of children in America. TWF helps students reach their full potential through STEM and after-school activities, college preparatory opportunities, as well as a golf development program to learn the value of sportsmanship.

Likewise, on July 14, 2016, musician and singer-songwriter Jeffrey Osborne and the Jeffrey Osborne Celebrity Classic joined Ripple. Osborne provides music and art-based scholarships to deserving individuals and also supports non-profit organizations that assist families in need.

The launching of Ripple has yielded undeniable results, for example, thousands of dollars have already been raised for military and veteran’s affairs, children’s health initiatives and programs that benefit the homeless. Eric Ortner, a key contributor to the Ripple Team and member of the Advisory Board, is a Board Member of The Global Poverty Project and a Partner at the Truman National Security Project, both of which lead on issues of national security and foreign policy and work toward social change.

Ripple falls in line with The Borgen Project’s mission of taking action against extreme poverty and inspires anyone and everyone to get involved. As users interact and watch their favorite celebrities help the poor, they too are making a difference, creating a ripple effect like no other.

Mikaela Frigillana

Photo: Flickr