The Mo Ibrahim Index of African Governance (IIAG) began in 2007 as a source of quantitative data for African citizens, organizations, and policy makers to refer to when making important decisions. This is just one of five core program areas for the Mo Ibrahim Foundation. The Mo Ibrahim Foundation works with other institutions to bring results to the African people by connecting citizens, stakeholders, and policy makers together. This organization believes better leadership and governance will provide full implementation of all the developmental progress that has already been made on the African continent.

In addition to the Ibrahim Index of African Governance, the other four core programs under the Mo Ibrahim Foundation are:

  1. The Ibrahim Prize for Achievement in African Leadership – A prize awarded to a former African Head of State or Government annually. Recent honorees include President Pedro Pires of Cape Verde and President Festus Mogae of Botswana. These exceptional leaders are celebrated as an example for other leaders to emulate.
  2. The Ibrahim Forum – In accordance to its commitment to create dialog between African citizens, stakeholders, and policy makers, the Mo Ibrahim Foundation has created a forum for all parties to discuss viable solutions to the proposed issues. The foundation sets up the forum in order to have productive debates based on quantitative data pulled from the IIAG and research findings.
  3. The Ibrahim Leadership Fellowship Program -This program provides mentorship for budding African leaders. Fellows are trained at top multi-lateral institutions such as the African Development Bank, the UN Economic Commission for Africa, and World Trade Organization.
  4. The Ibrahim Scholarship Program -Provides funds for future leaders to pursue their interests in select fields. Students attend top academic institutions.

Whichever solutions are discovered, or goals are accomplished in the developing nations of Africa, management of these accomplishments is a must. The Mo Ibrahim Foundation, as seen in its five core programs, works for just that. It stresses an emphasis on discussion, recognition of achieved rather than ascribed leadership, and paving the way for young, talented individuals who want to make a positive change in Africa.

Mohamed Ibrahim, the founder of the Mo Ibrahim Foundation, is now a billionaire philanthropist after selling his cellphone company, Celtel International. His philosophy is essentially, for Africa, by Africa. Founding Mo Ibrahim Foundation for him was an investment he hopes to see a return on in the future of Africa’s infrastructure. Being extremely passionate about improving African governance and leadership, Ibrahim says that the recognition given to exceptional Africa leaders under The Ibrahim Prize Program is not a façade of success in Africa, but rather a means of bringing unfiltered attention to the issue itself.

– Aysha Rasool
Feature Writer

Source: NPR Mo Ibrahim Foundation
Photo: Nazret