Created by former World Bank executives Mari Kuraishi and Dennis Whittle, GlobalGiving is a fundraising web site that connects non-profits and social entrepreneurs with people around the world who support their projects. GlobalGiving has raised $87,755,095 to fund more than 8,000 projects since 2002, working towards its mission of “catalyz[ing] a global market for ideas, information, and money that democratizes aid and philanthropy.” Listed below are four ways to utilize GlobalGiving.

1. Help Raise Money for a Project
Fundraisers are great opportunities to raise money for a project on GlobalGiving. The site allows individuals to organize fundraisers that commemorate birthdays, weddings, loved ones and other important events. Its also provides the option for members to involve their employers or other members of the online community.

2. Travel on a Service Trip or Volunteer Vacation
GlobalGiving’s In-the-Field Program recruits, trains and facilitates trips to GlobalGiving projects around the world. This opportunity allows individuals to understand the impact of GlobalGiving and to see the results grassroots funding can have. GlobalGiving also helps to connect volunteers with its partner organizations so that they can personally witness the application of GlobalGiving funds.

3. Study Abroad
Studying abroad offers university students a unique perspective regarding the world around them. GlobalGiving has an extensive list of partner organizations and projects with which students studying abroad can get involved. These programs offer a variety of opportunities, allowing students to gain course credit, take advantage of research opportunities, or gain valuable internship experience

4. Put a Project on GlobalGiving
Putting a project on GlobalGiving allows thousands of potential donors to learn more about it and contribute to fundraising efforts. In order to get a project to appear on GlobalGiving, individuals must nominate their organization and provide documentation regarding its non-profit status. Organizations that finish the application process successfully are then invited to participate in GlobalGiving’s Open Challenge, which lasts roughly 4 weeks and tests if the organization can meet fundraising thresholds. If an organization can raise at least $5,000 from 40 donors, it is invited to become a long-term member of GlobalGiving.

– Katie Bandera

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