What is Learning in NGOs?
Formed in 2005, Learning in NGOs (LINGOs) is a nonprofit, online educational community that brings together humanitarian organizations to learn new skills and share resources with each other. LINGOs uses a variety of technology including eLearning classrooms, virtual meeting space, online libraries, and project management tools in order to create a comprehensive educational environment for professionals.

Who uses this community? LINGOs is utilized by many large nonprofit organizations who want to increase the knowledge and performance of their employees and connect them to an expansive network of colleagues. To be eligible, NGOs must be working in more than 3 countries and be focused on humanitarian issues such as social justice, crisis relief, or development. Major organizations currently using LINGOs include Habitat for Humanity, International Justice Mission, and World Wildlife Fund.

What skills can you learn through LINGOs? Through partnership with many course providers, such as eCornell and Harvard Management Mentor Program, LINGOs supplies about 40 interactive learning programs to its NGO members. Educational topics to choose from include dealing with traumatic stress in humanitarian situations, project management skills, microfinance, and human rights protection. In addition, members may choose to participate in well-known certificate programs. Some courses require much more time and focus on homework than others, but all of them are designed to provide NGO employees with greater skills.

What are the other benefits of this service? LINGOs believes that using their eLearning platform saves nonprofit employees time and money to invest in what really matters to the organization. In addition to many networking opportunities, there are no transportation costs, and employees can learn virtually whenever they want and from wherever they are in the world. LINGOs estimates that organizations gain over $50,000 in value from their membership. Better skills and increased performance at non-governmental organizations means that they will be able to do even more good in the world of humanitarian aid.

– Caylee Pugh

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