It’s no secret that two major resources that the world depends heavily upon are oil and gas, but in limited supply, they must be managed as work is put in to find more eco-friendly solutions. In the two-day conference, the Nigeria Oil and Gas Trade and Investment Forum organized by the Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Investment will welcome thousands of representatives from different energy corporations to network and do business as well as listen to top-tier speakers from different firms based in Nigeria.

This forum will offer its delegates the opportunity to study new products and solutions that will further their companies, speak with global executives, hear from Nigerian dignitaries, and discuss the relevance of the Free Trade Zone to investment possibilities.

Here is this year’s speaker lineup:

Thomas Sule

Chief information officer and chief corporate services officer of Oando PLC. Prior to this position, Sule was the chief operating officer of the Helios Tower in Nigeria. His background on Bloomburg Business indicates that “Mr. Sule was focusing on strengthening HTN’s position as a leader in the industry and providing direction and leadership toward the achievement of the organizations, mission, strategy, and its annual goals and objectives.” Sule also has backgrounds in re-engineering initiatives as well as business processes and practice.

Adeolu Olufemi Adeyemi

As representative of GM Capital Projects and Shell Petroleum Development Company, Adeyemi’s main focus is on how technology can be used differently to improve efficiency. With the rise in mobile connectivity throughout the world, many successful companies are developing and using technology to raise their bottom-line profits.

Augustine Igwegbe

As CEO and MD for Ingwetin Glo Ltd and Former Regional IT Business, Igwegbe joined Shell Upstream International in 1988. “As the Shell regional Technology Manager for EP Africa, Mr. Igwegbe led IT department that managed one of the biggest private communication networks in Africa.” With his 28 years of experience and a B.Sc in Computer Science along with a background in banking, manufacturing and consulting, he hopes to introduce new business requirements regarding the delivery of IT services.

Ademola Agboola

Agboola is head of IT at one of Nigeria’s leading exploration and product companies, Pan Ocean Oil Corporation. Established in 1973, this is a joint venture with the Nigeria National Petroleum Company (NNPC). “Pan Ocean is a trailblazer in the bid to achieve the gas flare out objective of the Federal Government. Since 1984, Pan Ocean went ahead with its initiative on gas utilization despite the challenges of an under developed Nigeria Gas Market.” The core values of Pan Ocean are Integrity, Resilience, Safety and Security, Fairness, Excellence, Team Spirit, and Appreciation.

Rufus Ehikioya

Ehikioya is applications Analyst from Chevron Nigeria. Chevron is an established corporation worldwide that’s working toward sustainable economic progress and worldwide human development. “In the months that followed the creation of ChevronTexaco, the new company found itself looking for resources in ever-more-difficult environments.” Chevron is currently working with several different academic institutions in pursuit of renewable energy technology which is becoming increasingly accepted in the developing world.

Adepeju Adekunle

Adekunle is head of IT Projects at limited liability company Nigeria NLG Limited, producers and exporters of Liquefied Natural Gas. One of the current objectives of Nigeria NLG as of late has been to eliminate gas flaring, and thus far has brought down the amount of flares from over 65 percent to less than 25 percent. This company is owned by Shell, the NNPC representing the Federal Government of Nigeria, total NLG and Eni.

Adesina Odukoya

Odukoya is the director of IT Operations for sub-Saharan Africa GE Oil and Gas. GE Oil and Gas has approximately 45,000 employees worldwide and seven global research centers. “Total global natural gas demand may have risen by approximately 2.7 percent since the year 2000 but global LNG demand has grown by 7.6 percent per year over the same period, indicating an almost threefold increase in demand for LNG.” And since around 85 percent of offshore rigs use GE’s drilling system, the rise in demand works for the benefit of bases around the globe. With so many employees dependent on this kind of demand, GE Oil and Gas seeks to continue to expand, and will even be providing new technologies for a Trans-Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline Project in the near future.

Anna Brailow

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Photo: Global Village Extra