Charities Improving Global Education
Often in low-income nations, part of the leading factor of poverty is the lack of a quality and efficient system of global youth education. Here is some information about six charities improving global education in addition to why global education is important.

Why Global Education is So Important

Global education is important for one’s participation in day-to-day life and it can both prepare and empower children and young adults for their futures. From grade school to universities, their future jobs could be working and innovating inside the workforce, government, office space or many other places. Education is one of the largest factors that attribute to global poverty as more than 58 million children were not attending primary school even though they were old enough to attend school. Possible reasons children do not attend a schooling system are school tuition fees, lack of resources, crisis, conflict, gender inequality or child labor.

Studies have shown that when education is available and accessible, people have improved literacy rates and more opportunities to higher-paying jobs once they have completed their educational journey.

Charities around the world are essential for the construction and facilitation of schools in otherwise impoverished nations that have little access to educational resources. Recently, six charities have made strides to improve global education. Here are six charities improving global education.

6 Charities Improving Global Education

  1. Women’s Global Education Project: The Women’s Global Education Project began with the simple notion of how every child should have the opportunity to attend school and obtain a quality education. Since its development in 2004 in the Fatick Region of Senegal, 10,000 students received access to computers and libraries, 2,500 women attended adult literacy classes and reading test scores increased by 40% from 2015 to 2017. Currently, the Women’s Global Education Project has extended beyond schools to ending female genital mutilation, scholarships and another HQ in Kenya. Education for women is so important since there is a higher prevalence of illiterate young women than young men.
  2. ASML Foundation: As an independent Dutch charity, the ASML Foundation has served more than 50 countries and reached 800,000 children since ASML founded it in 2001. The ASML Foundation aims to enable inclusion and participation for young people through education. The Foundation operates from the Netherlands, Europe, Asia and North America by supporting projects that improve global education. The projects include “TechMeUp” from the Netherlands, “Girls Can Do IT!” in China and “Teach for Vietnam” in Vietnam. ASML’s projects and more promote global education for citizens in systems where education was not available.
  3. Theirworld: For 20 years, Theirworld has begun to end the global education crisis and unlock more opportunities and potential for the next generation of children. While reshaping the global mindset for education, teaching and development, Theirworld has engaged more than 11 million supporters, gained billions in funding for education for all and enabled more than four million children to attend schooling in just two decades. Part of Theirworld’s focus is to ensure children have a safe place to learn and that learning centers are free of avoidable emergencies, conflicts and discrimination against students. The students want nothing more than a quality education for the next generation at the forefront of the Foundation.
  4. Global Partnership for Education: The Global Partnership for Education (GPE) is the largest global fund solely for boys and girls to have a strong future ahead of them. Working with 76 low-income countries, partner nations join after developing a though and complete education sector plan and show commitment to funding domestic education to receive grants given to the government for learning purposes. For the next four years, GPE will work with governments to increase a child’s availability to education, regardless of gender, location or family background.
  5. Schools for Children of the World: Schools for Children of the World (SCW) has focused on the renovation and construction of schools in Central America and Africa. With operations in the U.S., Honduras, Canada and Germany, workers and volunteers go to build or renovate schools for children who need them. In partnership with private, non-profit and public sectors at international levels, SCW can create a schoolhouse from the ground up to contribute to global education for all. Serving more than 21,000 students, SCW has continued to implement its services in 10 developing countries.
  6. Muslim Global Relief: While Muslim Global Relief provides meals and water for millions, their outreach also expands to education for orphans in the Middle East, Africa and Asia. It provides the necessary materials for children such as textbooks and learning packets, trains teachers for professional support and provides hygienic solutions to school buildings. For more than 20 years, the Muslim Global Relief has been a huge factor in children’s lives going forward with education with a healthy and safe environment.

Concluding Thoughts

While many more charities arise to help contribute to global education, these have shown their dedication and proven it through their statistics provided. With an educated world, children will be able to decide the path they choose.

– Kyle Swingle
Photo: Flickr