Started in 2007, Mpower Foundation is a Dutch foundation that aims to improve the living conditions and health of children in Mundri, South Sudan. To achieve this, it works on empowering local people by organizing training programs and collaborates with the Mundri Relief and Development Association, its local partner organization. Created in 1996, MRDA focuses on finding relief and development projects and then designs a way to implement them.

South Sudan is the youngest country in the world and the site of the longest civil war on the African continent. This left the country in devastation and Mpower has begun reconstruction and development in this area.

There are a few main projects that Mpower works on; “Your body your responsibility” is one such project, which focuses on teaching health education to younger people, as well as sexual health and hygiene. Another is “Mpower! Kids,”  which focuses on preventive health care for children under five years old.

The third project that Mpower works on is Bricks & Babies. This project pays specific attention to the buildings of children’s hospitals. The goal is to build five new children’s hospitals, as that is where the need is. So far, this has proven hard to accomplish, but not impossible.

Mpower’s hope is that, through these interactive workshops, young people will have enough knowledge to volunteer for Mundri Relief and Development Association. After completing the workshops and going into MRDA, they could end up getting a contract with the organization which would mean a stable life for them.

Mpower is constantly looking for people and organizations to contribute to improving the health care for those in South Sudan. To learn more, visit its website.

– Brooke Smith

Sources: Global Hand, The Mpower Foundation
Photo: The Mpower Foundation