heifer international mother's day gift

While you’re eating brunch with your mother this weekend and toasting her for all she’s done for you, anti-hunger organizations think a better tribute would be a gift to help other mothers around the world. Well-known anti-hunger organizations are offering Mother’s Day themed donations this month.

Action Against Hunger has a dedicated section of gifts for your mom on its website. In the organization’s virtual gift catalog you can find the perfect gift for your mother: help for another mother who desperately needs it. There are gifts for every wallet. A $20 donation provides a fuel efficient stove for a mother trying to provide cost-effective, home-cooked meals to her family; an emergency hygiene kit is $25; an $87 donation gets a pregnant mother-to be or nursing new mother a full month of fresh, nutritious food; $100 buys a family a dairy goat; $525 gives 25 women access to a fruit and vegetable garden; and $1,200 gives a group of 10 moms microfinance seed capital to start a business.

Heifer International is also marketing meaningful gifts for mom, urging donors to “gift different” this year by giving the gift of livestock to mothers around the world. The organization’s site says a donation “helps moms in need around the world reach lives of dignity and self-reliance. Instead of just a Mother’s Day card, gift basket or flowers for mom, donate a goat or give a tree to help end hunger in her name. Support mothers around the world this year.”

On the Heifer International site $20 gets a flock of chicks, $60 gets a tree and $120 buys a goat for a family in need. There are also smaller donations possible to buy a share towards one of the more expensive items.

What better way is there to honor all that mothers do for the world than helping a struggling family in need? Sharing a gift with the people who need it most may be the best Mother’s Day gift of all.

– Liza Casabona

Sources: Action Against Hunger