Africa_Business_BillAirtel Africa has unveiled Tap2Bill, which will allow content providers and merchants to use Airtel’s billing infrastructure to charge and bill their customers.

According to Airtel, Tap2Bill will be available through a secured portal that will help growing businesses across Africa. The service will prevent businesses from investing in costly billing and payment capabilities.

Businesses can register for the billing service online by providing their email, company details and supporting documents. Consumers do not need to register, enter their credit/debit card details or even own a bank account to use the service according to Airtel Africa. All they need is a mobile device with a SIM card.

“We are very pleased to announce this new customer payment innovation to the market. It will support the growth of content services and enable content producers and merchants across Africa to share and benefit from Airtel’s scale, market and technology,” said Christian de Faria, Chief Executive Officer of Airtel Africa.

According to Total Telecom, Airtel Africa is a leading telecommunications service provider and has operations in 17 countries across Africa. Africa is seen as the fastest growing market for mobile commerce in the world and the need for smarter solutions is continuing to grow.

Airtel Africa is partnering with IMImobile in order to make sure the service is available on cell phones. They have worked with Airtel Africa since 2011 and have made IMImobile one of the leading mobile service providers in Africa.

According to IMImobile Chief Executor, Jay Patel, “We are delighted to partner with Airtel Africa to help bring these new, affordable, mobile-centric service offerings to market which not only creates a richer user experience for subscribers but will also encourage and support growth and variety of mobile content across Africa.”

According to It News Africa, Airtel Africa will launch Tap2Bill in the first week of December 2015 making it commercially available.

Jordan Connell

Sources: Airtel Tap2Bill, It News Africa, Total Telecom
Photo: Flickr