Military Humanitarian MissionsWhen most people think of militaries, war and weapons come to mind. As many who have served will tell you, the reality is often more complicated. The world’s militaries can use their resources for positive charity work also. There is a wide range of work that forces can and will complete. Here are five recent military humanitarian missions.

South Korea

Recently, South Korean President Yoon Suk Yoel announced he would be increasing aid to the war-stricken country of Ukraine through the military. South Korea had been hesitant to sell arms to Ukraine. Foreign aid, as well as demining equipment and ambulances, make up the help that the nation is giving. For a more direct example of missions, the South Korean military delivered disaster relief supplies to Turkey by their planes. This came after the recent earthquake. The military also planned to help Syria.


Since the German reunification in the 1990s, their military has been doing its share of humanitarian work. The German army works with both government and non-government organizations. The most frequent aid is disaster relief, which is used both in Europe and across the world. Examples include their efforts after the 2004 tsunami in Indonesia and the 2017 Caribbean hurricanes. The military was also used during the Mediterranean refugee crisis.


As an island nation, the primary branch of Singapore’s military is its navy. Due to Singapore’s smaller size, the country partners with international organizations to conduct humanitarian work. The nation gives back through its various military humanitarian missions. The Singapore Armed Forces worked in Iraq after the wars in 1991 and 2003. Further engagements were completed in Texas after Hurricane Harvey and in Taiwan after the 2018 Hualien earthquake.


As a member of many global organizations such as the United Nations, the Swedish military focuses on international aid. One example is Iraq, which has been helped by the Swedish military through its changes. Sweden has also helped Yemen in its war through aid. The military has delivered aid not only to Ukraine but to nearby Moldova. The war has hurt Moldova’s economy, necessitating assistance.


The Brazilian army is known and well-regarded for its humanitarian work. It was recognized in 2018 for its resettling of Venezuelan refugees. Also in Brazil, the Yanomani people, who live in the Amazon, have faced poverty and difficulties which come from illegal mining. Some members of the military will protect the indigenous people. Others will deliver aid and food baskets.


Humanitarian work is, as it should be, an important part of our militaries. As we can see, military humanitarian missions help people across the globe. These soldiers hope for peace. An end to poverty is a major milestone in achieving this goal.

– Josh Sobchak
Photo: Flickr