tpo-cambodia-leading-mental-health-awareness-in-cambodiaOrganizations like TPO Cambodia are combatting mental health issues in Cambodia in order to create a stronger and well-off nation by raising awareness of the situation and developing community-building solutions.

Poverty in Cambodia

There are several substantial poverty issues in Cambodia needing addressing. According to Asian Development Bank (ADB), 17.8% of Cambodians are living below the poverty line. Additionally, 9.2% of the nation is living on $1.90 or less a day.

This could relate to mental health issues since Cambodia is a country with one of the highest risks of mental health-related issues. It is estimated that 40% of Cambodians suffer from mental health issues. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and suicide rates are also higher than the worldwide average.

Poverty and Mental Health

Studies have shown that mental health issues among individuals lead to higher rates of impoverishment from struggling to remain employed or find employment. Furthermore, economic conditions are one of the foundations of mental wellness. This means that when one is living in a more deprived area you are more likely to suffer from mental health issues.

According to the BJPsych Bulletin study, 23% of men and 26% of women had mental distress potentially related to a psychological disorder in the most impoverished areas in Scotland, compared with 12% and 16% of men and women on the opposite side of the economic spectrum.

Mental Health in Children

Psychological problems often start at a young age and can have serious consequences as individuals progress through life. This starts people at a social disadvantage lacking stability to keep long-lasting relationships. Additionally, child psychological problems also lead to economic issues. Researchers found family income for those aged 50 who suffered childhood traumas decreased by 25%.

TPO Cambodia

This is an organization directly confronting the issues mental health brings by trying to identify problems Cambodians are experiencing to help them better function in their jobs, families and societies as a whole.

TPO Cambodia works to provide local community-building mental health programs that offer more effective and cost-friendly care than mental hospitals which can lead to dehumanizing patients.

The ultimate goals of their programs are to educate Cambodians on mental health issues and become more aware of previously unseen issues in their own lives. Healing scars and social conflict are also important so that Cambodian citizens feel more invigorated and active to be able to actively participate in society.

Since its establishment in 1995, more than 200,000 Cambodians received mental health care and support.

Mental health is a serious issue in the world today. Traumas often start at young ages and can have serious consequences on the economic and societal well beings of citizens. However, with organizations such as TPO Cambodia tackling this issue, more and more are becoming aware of mental health and its effects and are receiving treatment.

Alex Havardansky
Photo: Flickr