Within the Buffett family, usually Warren is the one making headlines for his charity and accomplishments. This time, though, his older sister Doris Buffett is stepping into the spotlight to put focus on her own charitable advances.

In 2011 Doris started the Learning by Giving Foundation. This foundation partnered with colleges across America to create philanthropy classes for students. The students learned the ins and outs of the philanthropy world and how to invest their money to make the biggest difference. At the end of the semester, each class had $10,000 from Learning by Giving to donate to the charities they believed were most deserving. Not only did this approach use money smartly to donate to great organizations, it taught young people skills that they couldn’t learn anywhere else.

Doris is now expanding on that idea by creating Giving with Purpose, a free online course open to anyone over the age of eighteen who wishes to learn more about the world of philanthropy. This six-week summer course is similar to the one taught in colleges, sponsored by Learning by Giving, taught by outstanding instructors, and providing the ability to give away money at the end of the course.

The class teaches people everything they need to know before donating, including aspects such as learning how to research what impact the charity has on the community and how the money is spent. The course will also feature several guest speakers who are leaders in the philanthropy world, such as baseball star Cal Ripkin Jr., ice cream leaders Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, and Doris and Warren Buffett themselves.

– Katie Brockman

Sources: Fortune, Learning by Giving