Charities Operating In Albania
The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted many countries, even developing ones that saw progress before it. Inflation rates and the current war in Ukraine are also slowing things down for Albania. However, some organizations and charities operating in Albania are still at work helping to alleviate prior and new struggles.

Efforts Before Pandemic

Albania had been undergoing work towards equitable growth for years even before the pandemic. One example was the help it was receiving from organizations like the World Bank Group and its Country Partnership Framework plan (CPF). This strategy began in 2015 and lasted through 2019 where it focused on macroeconomic balances, private and public sector growth and service delivery. This plan was then extended two more years due to elections and the pandemic.

Current Help From Charities

Efforts are still ongoing with well-known and even smaller charities. Project Worldwide has compiled a list of many nonprofit organizations that are helping in Albania. Here are five of the charities operating in Albania that deserve mention along with a quick rundown of what they are doing in their work:

  1. Integra Ventures USA – Starting in 1995, Integra joined together with a ministry already operating in Slovakia. It then expanded to several other countries in Central/Eastern Europe helping them economically. It did this not just through investments but also by providing training and education on business and economic matters. Integra’s work in Albania includes seminars and mentorship to Christian entrepreneurs in the country over finances, marketing, sales and inventory. It specifically focuses on small or medium businesses in these communities to support.
  2. ABC Health Foundation – The ABC Health Foundation has focused its work on improving health care by providing education and training for students and physicians in Albania. It has implemented internship programs, a training center and even basic training for First Aid and CPR. The programs focus on teachings of biblical family medical care and they provide some training not just for medical students but also expecting mothers and different groups of women. Albania compared to surrounding countries has a lower health status for its population. This is due to economical, political and social transitions happening over the past years including demographic changes. Albania’s health system is still facing challenges and will benefit from any focus on health care like those that the ABC Health Foundation and other charities are providing.
  3. Childspring International, INC. – Another charity working towards health care in Albania is Childspring International. It provides medical care for developing countries. The children and their families benefit from these services, such as the provision of important surgeries. Childspring International has granted medical care to more than 4,242 children in developing countries including Albania.
  4. Know My World Inc. – Know my World Inc. supports teachers and students with more than traditional academia. With emphasis and focus on education about self, cultural and global awareness, it also works to provide students with the knowledge to help initiate social change. The programs and training at Know My World Inc. are all geared towards that goal. One project incorporating this goal is its Student Virtual Cross-Cultural Exchange Experience.
  5. UNICEF – UNICEF is a well-known organization that helps bring developmental aid to children worldwide. In Albania, it does the same but can be clarified more as supporting the government and partners with policies, reform, research and resources towards children’s rights and helping them establish sustainable and equitable development. One specific way UNICEF brings support to education is by working with Albania’s ministry of education, sports and youth. It helps find children who are not in school and get them back into the system while also helping with financial analysis to help further preschool education. UNICEF also assists with teacher training in Albania.

Albania’s Future

These charities operating in Albania are just a few among many others that are helping Albania. Business, education and health care are some of the focuses that help countries reach stability. These organizations do not always give funds, but often also provide mentoring, educational programs, governmental support and other resources. The types of aid that these organizations are giving should help Albania recover from the COVID-19 pandemic and any future challenges.

– Marynette Holmes
Photo: Flickr