Sick Children, Johnny Depp and Stephen Graham - TBP
This week, celebrities Johnny Depp and Stephen Graham reprised their roles as Captain Jack Sparrow and Scrum, respectively, at Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital in Brisbane, Australia.

The surprise event took place when the actors felt the need to bring joy to several of the hospital’s sick children. The actors, filming the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie off of the Gold Coast, decided to spend over three hours entertaining the children, all while in character.

Depp and Graham have made a lasting memory in these children’s lives that they will soon not forget. This marks yet another memorable difference these two actors have made in the lives of the less fortunate.

No stranger to charity work, Depp and Graham are both heavily invested in charities, fundraisers and events all aimed at helping those in need.

Depp supports several organizations such as the Actors Fund of America, Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, the Environmental Justice Foundation, Much Love Animal Rescue, Project HOME and more. With Depp being as generous as he is, it should be no surprise that his patronage to these charitable organizations has influenced his fans to follow suit. “Johnny’s Angels” is a group of passionate Depp fans that follow his philanthropic spirit and fundraise, organize public charity events and make large donations to Depp’s charities in the name of “celebrating [their] admiration for Johnny and [their] devotion to embracing one another and spreading hope to those who need it most.”

Graham is no stranger to charity as well, as can be seen by his tremendous efforts with Stand up to Cancer U.K. and Cancer Research U.K. He has done everything from fundraise, attend charitable events, donate to participate in a dance-off for charity, and jump off a 12-story building (in an attached safety harness of course), all in the name of defeating cancer. Graham has literally put his life on the line and spent hours of his time with these charitable organizations.

It’s truly amazing to see celebrities care about those in need, and then physically go out of their way to make a difference in the life of someone else.

– Alysha Biemolt

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