How to Help People in Malta

Although it is one of the smallest European states, Malta has been affected by the refugee crisis on the continent over the last few years. Many displaced families and individuals are seeking asylum in Malta, and organizations throughout the country have established means of meeting the asylum seekers’ most basic needs. NGOs offer several ways of how to help people in Malta, and specifically refugees.

Donations of necessary materials such as clothing, household goods, food and books are highly encouraged. Monetary donations are also accepted by all of the non-governmental foundations working to support refugees in the country. Here are two successful nonprofits that could use your help.

Jesuits in Malta is a nonprofit organization whose aim is to “serve, accompany and advocate.” Their mission specifically involves serving and welcoming new migrants and refugees. JRS Malta specializes in legal assistance and social work services, including psychological support and healthcare. The group offers outreach through its members, made up of social workers, lawyers, nurses and religious figures.

“Project Integrated” is on of Jesuits in Malta’s current projects, supported by UNHCR Malta. The overall goal of the project is to integrate “beneficiaries of international protection” into Maltese society so that they may practice their rights and live an independent life. The group suggests helping through monetary donations or the donations of useful items. They also offer information on organizing fundraising activities.

Kopin is a voluntary nonprofit based in Malta working in international development and refugee support. The group stands for international development cooperation and works to raise awareness about the “role of each individual as a global citizen.” The aim to empower developing communities in this way. For refugees in Malta specifically, Kopin provides educational and social services to women and children seeking asylum.

One of the group’s current projects is known as “TOO M&E up!” geared towards raising the quality of designs and implementation of learning activities for young people. You can donate to the organization online or even via text message. They also offer training and volunteering opportunities on human rights issues and hands-on skills.

If volunteer time or physical donations are not possible, it is always helpful to follow these NGOs on Facebook and Twitter if you are still wondering how to help people in Malta.

Melanie Snyder

Photo: Google