International Aid to YemenYemen is a Middle Eastern country on the southern tip of the Arabian Peninsula. Due to a long-lasting and violent civil war, it “remains the world’s worst humanitarian crisis,” according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). More than 21 million Yemeni people urgently need humanitarian aid and around 4.5 million have been displaced. Also, issues such as climate shocks and disease contribute to exacerbating the situation.

On the bright side, the international community is making efforts to help Yemen. A number of world and local charities and dedicated individuals and groups are joining forces to combat the Yemeni crisis. Here are some of the most notable initiatives that focus on helping Yemen.

International Aid to Yemen

Since 2015, the U.K. has provided more than £1 billion in total aid to Yemen. With an additional £88 million in aid pledged for 2022 to 2023, the U.K. is the fourth highest donor to Yemen globally. The European Union (EU) has also offered financial support, providing more than €1.4 billion in total assistance to Yemen since 2015. In 2023, the EU ramped up its efforts with €136 million in humanitarian aid to alleviate the conflict’s impacts on the country’s most vulnerable.

Significant relief has also come from the U.S., which has contributed more than $5.4 billion to alleviate the crisis in Yemen since the start of the conflict. Bolstered by the on-the-ground work of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), support from the U.S. has helped save millions of lives and prevented 2.2 million Yemeni people from “experiencing acute food insecurity.”

Support from World Charities

Charity Organizations from around the world have also played a vital role in assisting Yemen. In addition to raising funds to help rebuild the country, international charities and their volunteers have continuously worked on the ground to provide assistance. For instance, the Red Cross, working in collaboration with Yemen-based charities, assisted more than 5 million people in Yemen in 2021. The charity’s efforts included providing more than 3 million liters of clean water to a hospital and a prison. With the help of generous donations from the public, the Red Cross’s initiatives have successfully improved the health and welfare of affected Yemenis.

In addition, UNICEF has outlined clear goals and program initiatives to mitigate the crisis. The organization plans to use raised funds to help 3.6 million people access safe drinking water and sanitation supplies and secure primary healthcare for 2.5 million women and children in 2023.

Local Charities and Other Aid Efforts

Despite limited funding, the following local charities are making remarkable efforts to help the people of Yemen.

  1. Pure Hands: This U.S.-based nonprofit has been combating the crisis in Yemen since 2012. With initiatives aimed at “alleviating poverty, providing economic opportunities and delivering emergency relief,” Pure Hands has made a particularly strong impact with its on-the-ground assistance. According to the organization’s Impact 2020 report, it helped over 550,00 Yemeni people in 2020 alone. It achieved this through initiatives that included distributing personal protective equipment to prevent diseases and providing 567 wheelchairs to help the disabled.
  2. London Students for Yemen: Another small organization, London Students for Yemen, is working “to promote awareness of the humanitarian crisis whilst sharing Yemen’s rich art and culture.” The student-led group’s initiatives include spreading awareness of the war and its unjust impacts on the Yemeni people and urging the international community to do more. A major advocate for those suffering in Yemen, London Students for Yemen is working to educate the international community on the severity of the crisis and ensure that adequate global action is taken.

Looking Ahead

Despite the crisis in Yemen, the aid of international governments, charities, grassroots organizations and the general public is making a difference. By providing both financial and on-the-ground support, the international community is coming together to combat the crisis in Yemen. Ongoing efforts aim to save lives while paving the way for economic recovery and a better future for the people of Yemen.

Max Steventon
Photo: Flickr