Possibly the most globally conscious conference in the world, the Justice Conference brings together hundreds of equality minded people, humanitarian organizations, peace workers and charities alike.

This year, the speakers gather at the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles in February to reach out to tens of thousands of viewers. Entrepreneurs, artists and speakers discuss issues of poverty, education, hunger, government policies and more. Inspiring and moving, viewers can learn about all of the issues facing the world today and how they can help to solve them.

The 2014 Justice Conference covers everything from organizations benefiting refugees of national disaster and war crimes to societies suffering from hunger and disease.

Entrepreneurs are popular at this conference especially now that business is currently being considered as a real solution to ending poverty. Mutually beneficial business practices that supply a market of poor people with a way to increase their income could increase the quality of life of billions of people.

Guests can participate in both the conference and the accompanying film festival taking place at a hotel nearby. Documentaries about those suffering from poverty and oppression are featured as well as films about the people who help them.

The conference is slightly religious and has a base in theological justice. Their values and mission are to promote global justice and bring together like minded organizations to better the societies both in the United States and all over the world. Educating and collaborating with artists, businesses, charities and other foundations to help solve the world’s problems are the main issues discussed at the conference.

Ideas are generated and complex concepts of hunger, health, and equality are discussed in depth.

The Justice Conference Twitter shares tweets, articles and videos from appearing artists and more. Inspiring articles and videos filled with facts about social inequality are common among the Twitter feed. Anyone with a desire to learn about problems facing the world today, including causes and effects as well as potential solutions, should tune into the Justice Conference of 2014.

The next generation can eradicate poverty for good. Knowledge is power, and the more people know and understand about what works and what doesn’t in the fight against suffering and corruption, the more help they can lend and the quicker things can get done.

Talking only does so much, it is the actions of everyone involved that truly matter.

– Kaitlin Sutherby

Sources: The Justice Conference, Facebook, Twitter
Photo: The Justice Foundation