How to Help People in RomaniaAbout 25 percent of people in Romania live below national poverty lines. According to UNICEF, the people most subject to disadvantages within this statistic are children. Education, healthcare and orphanages are among the main challenges for youth. Thankfully, three nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) are working to relieve these barriers. How to help people in Romania can be answered by examining the efforts of the following institutions:

1. Love Light Romania
Love Light Romania believes that poverty can be reduced through increased access to education. Their education project, Jacodu Education Project, currently supports more than 50 children. Aside from giving children an education, the program aims to rebuild their homes and families. Jacodu Children’s Project is unique in its ability to reach a wide range of children, including children with special needs. Volunteer openings are available in all programs and projects for Love Light Romania. Workers are also wanted for renovation purposes.

2. Humanium
Humanium focuses on childrens’ rights in Romania. Of the most significant rights, access to healthcare is a top priority. Humanium claims poverty is the main contributor to the lack of healthcare within the region. Poor working conditions in impoverished areas force doctors to work in cities abroad. As a result, children in Romania are vulnerable to malnutrition, disease and death. Fortunately, this establishment offers a program called Sponsor a Child. Through a monthly donation of $10 or more, a child’s rights, such as the right to adequate healthcare, will be protected. Interning or volunteering are two other examples of how to contribute to Humanium’s progress.

3. Firm Foundations Romania
This NGO is transforming Romania through love and care. Founded after the fall of communism, Firm Foundations Romania (FFR) feels an overwhelming responsibility to attend to the needs of abandoned children. FFR reports that poverty is the main reason behind children being left after birth. Because of this, their team operates a project which provides care for the discarded children of Romania. This program offers hospital care for children until they can be placed in a good home. Firm Foundations Romania provides the best protection through donations and volunteer work. You can support this organization by contributing on their website.

How to help people in Romania starts by acknowledging the lives of children. Once children are lifted out of poverty, future generations will have an improved chance at life. Volunteering and contributions are imperative, but commitment and patience are just as vital. With your assistance, these three organizations can continue working to break the vicious cycle of poverty in Romania.

Emilee Wessel

Photo: Flickr