How to Help People in Algeria

Algeria is located in Northern Africa and serves as the gateway between continental Europe and Africa. Over 50 percent of Algeria’s rural population lives below the national poverty line and unemployment is high in young and rural populations. Algeria serves as a transit destination for human trafficking, for purposes of travel to Europe or for forced labor. Poverty in Algeria leads to a lack of access to proper housing, sanitation facilities and education and medical infrastructure. Here are a few ways to help poverty-affected people in Algeria:

SOS Children’s Villages

Algeria is home to more than 500,000 orphaned children. These children, who grow up with no parental protection or in dysfunctional family structures, are more likely to face social exclusion and poverty. Additionally, they are more likely to be exploited and drawn to criminal activities. SOS Children’s Villages provides young people and children in Algeria with daycare and medical assistance. This organization focuses on awareness, prevention, reporting and responding in regards to child abuse and negligence. The SOS Children’s Villages works in accordance with the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child.
Donors can either sponsor a child, sponsor a village or make a donation directly to SOS Children’s Villages through their website.

World Food Project USA

The World Food Project USA (WFP) has worked in Algeria since 1986. Per month, WFP provides more than 125,000 food rations to hungry people in Algeria. WFP also strives to tackle childhood hunger by providing healthy mid-morning snacks to 32,500 school children. Furthermore, WFP has 29 nutrition centers in Algeria, where they provide education and treatment for anemia, nutrition problems and growth stunting for children under five and for pregnant women.
People wanting to get involved can donate directly to WFP online or by mail. WFP also encourages other creative ways to raise money such as organizing a fundraiser or downloading the ShareTheMeal app, where users can provide a child with one meal for just 50 cents.

Handicap International

Handicap International strives to promote the social inclusion and improve the lives of the most vulnerable people in Algeria. Though Algeria has been relatively progressive in passing legislation for handicap persons, these persons are still not fully included in society. Handicap International advocates for public voices for handicapped individuals. This organization also collaborates with healthcare professionals and education stakeholders to provide specialized treatment for handicapped adults and children. Handicap International accepts monetary donations in addition to vehicle donations. Handicap International also asks Americans to sign a petition to encourage President Trump to submit the Mine Ban Treaty to the Senate. More than 90 percent of land mine victims are civilians. Land mine injuries can be fatal or result in major disabilities.

Whether you support children, hungry people or the disabled, these three organizations are all great places to start helping those suffering from poverty in Algeria.

Christiana Lano

Photo: Flickr