Beer Companies That Give BackOne of the most popular beverages throughout the world is undoubtedly an ice cold beer. In fact, the global beer industry generates more than $600 billion per year in sales. But, there are other factors to consider.

In order for the industry to be successful beer companies rely heavily on natural resources from other countries such as water, wheat, barley, etc. With such a high dependence on the support of other nations, many beer companies want to continue to support those communities by focusing on sustainability and reducing poverty. Here are five beer companies that give back.

5 Beer Companies That Give Back

  1. Heineken
    This popular Dutch beer company has been on the market for nearly a century and has recently created a campaign to support its global partners. Brewing a Better Future campaign launched in 2010 as an initiative to better utilize resources and modify industrial processes in the companies most vital region: Africa. As one of the top three users of malt barley in the world, Heineken is aware of its responsibility to maintain and support the farming communities it has access to. Slight changes in industrial practices can have an extensive impact on the surrounding economy.

    This campaign seeks to increase profit in African communities by developing sustainable agriculture methods. Some goals are to reduce water consumption at breweries by 25 percent, reduce carbon dioxide emissions during production by 40 percent and utilize 60 percent of locally sourced raw materials in Africa. These goals are set to be achieved by 2020.

    Another initiative, Growing Together in Africa, is a partnership between African farming communities and Heineken to improve farming conditions. By utilizing cassava crops, one of the most popular sources in Africa, in Heineken production, African farmers would have increased profit. Heineken’s effort to improve water quality, provide safe health care, increase crop cultivation and develop a proactive agricultural economy has prompted other companies to do the same.

  2. Michelob Ultra by Anheuser-Busch
    Anheuser-Busch, owner of Bud Light, Budweiser, Michelob Ultra and more, has also used its profits to help reduce global poverty. One recent Michelob Ultra campaign to benefit other developing countries came to public attention in December 2018. Michelob Ultra advertised its partnership with world-famous cyclist Lance Armstrong to raise funds for the World Bicycle Relief.

    This organization is dedicated to providing bikes to individuals living in poor communities without adequate access to transportation. In many developing countries it is common to have to walk for miles just to get access to clean water. Providing more bicycles as a mode of transportation will reduce travel time and create more opportunities for the millions of people who need it.

    Michelob Ultra raised $25,000 in the month of December 2018 by donating a percentage of the sales of a six-pack of beer. The company plans to continue this partnership and increase donations in the future to reduce issues contributing to global poverty such as the lack of transportation.

  3. Guinness
    This Irish classic also has a knack for philanthropy. This 260-year-old company has donated more than $8 million dollars to developing communities around the world to reduce the number of people living in poverty.

    Guinness launched its Water of Life campaign in 2007 to provide communities all across Africa access to clean drinking water. By developing eco-efficient water tanks in African communities, more than ten million people now have purified water. This program has also established healthcare facilities in Nigeria and hygiene stations in Uganda, as well as 200 other projects to support developing communities in Africa.

    Guinness has also partnered with Ikhayalami, a South African organization dedicated to creating sustainable infrastructure throughout the country. Projects started by Ikhayalami focus on research and development techniques to build energy efficient structures that withstand natural disasters. By utilizing solar energy, remodeling infrastructural practices, developing emergency preparedness tactics and connecting energy grids, these once underdeveloped communities will have the opportunity to thrive in technologically advanced homes, greatly reducing the risk of suffering from hunger and natural disasters.

  4. Stella Artois
    Some debate whether or not Stella counts as a beer company, but its contributions to eliminating global poverty are definitely worth noting. Like many other beer companies worldwide, Stella Artois recognizes how beer production negatively impacts water resources surrounding its factories. Approximately 844 million people have extremely limited access to clean drinking water, all of them living in underdeveloped and poverty-stricken regions.

    To counteract the consequences brought on by industrialization, Stella Artois uses its resources to provide clean water to those most affected by the global water crisis. The company is partnering with and the #PourItForward campaign to provide financial solutions to offset the growing crisis. Matt Damon and Gary White founded this campaign and have provided water access to 17 million people around the world. Stella Artois joins this campaign by promising to donate a percentage of sales directly to the organization. The company has produced limited edition chalices as an online fundraiser accessible to the general public. For every chalice sold Stella Artois will donate 3.13 dollars.

  5. Thirsty Planet Beer Co.
    Even small establishments can have a big impact. Thirsty Planet Brewing Co., a small beer company located in Texas, believes in brewing with a purpose. This company partners with Well Aware to fund projects provide clean water all across Africa. Well Aware strives to allow universal access to clean water by building 100 percent sustainable wells and water systems in small communities throughout the continent.

    A child dies from a water-borne illness every 90 seconds, most often in countries in extreme poverty and contaminated water. Thirsty Planet and Well Aware host fundraisers and mobilize efforts to increase sustainable water systems and clean water that is easy to access.

Beer companies do more than just provide refreshing beverages throughout the world. By partnering with humanitarian organizations these companies have displayed social consciousness, helping millions gain access to food, health care, education and clean water.

– Becca Cetta
Photo: Pixabay