Top 5 Songs About Hunger
Hunger is an issue that affects more than 800 million people worldwide. It can lead to malnutrition, which in turn can lead to a number of health issues and chronic diseases.

In addition to the hard work of advocacy groups and other nonprofits, recording artists like Beyonce and Jay-Z hold and perform at benefit concerts to bring awareness to global issues like poverty and hunger, and raise money for relief efforts. Not only do artists hold benefit concerts for these issues, but they also sing about them.

Top 5 Songs About Hunger

“Is This The World We Created?” by Queen

Just look at all those hungry mouths we have to feed
Take a look at all the suffering we breed
So many lonely faces scattered all around
Searching for what they need

This song kicks off the list of the Top 5 Songs About Hunger because it directly talks about the hunger and suffering going on in the world, and singer Freddy Mercury begs the question, “is this the world we created?” suggesting that these issues are manmade and preventable. One of the ways that the band Queen helped bring relief to world hunger was through Live Aid. This benefit concert was organized by Irish rock singer, Bob Geldof. Many different artists and bands came together to put on this concert and were able to raise over $125 million for famine relief in Africa.

“Another Day In Paradise” by Phil Collins

She calls out to the man on the street
He can see she’s been crying
She’s got blisters on the soles of her feet
She can’t walk but she’s trying

Oh think twice, it’s another day for
You and me in paradise

This song brings attention to homelessness and singer Phil Collins tells the listener to be grateful for what they have because they are in paradise compared to the woman on the street. The global organization, Action Against Hunger, utilizes the donations of those who can provide (arguably, those that live in ‘paradise’) to help those in need. Their focus is hunger relief. So far, this organization has had a lifesaving impact on over 45 countries and helped over 20 million people.

“Them Belly Full” by Bob Marley

Them belly full, but we hungry
A hungry mob is a angry mob
A rain will fall, but the dirt it tough
A pot a cook but the food nah nuff

The third song to make it onto the Top 5 Songs About Hunger, “Them Belly Full” by Bob Marley calls attention to the fact that in some countries, the government is corrupt and neglects their people, leaving them poor and hungry. When he says, “them belly full” he is referring to the government and the “we” in “but we hungry” are the people of Jamaica.

Other governments have taken to weaponizing aid. Take for instance the Syrian regime, which withholds humanitarian access to basic necessities like food in order to “weaken opposition groups and to prevent the creation of an alternative political order.” Still, many organizations continue to work hard to reach those in need. One such organization is Relief International, which provides aid to the refugees that cross the border into Turkey.

“In The Ghetto” by Elvis Presley

Well the world turns
And a hungry little boy with a runny nose
Plays in the street as the cold wind blows
In the ghetto

The lyrics throughout this song tell the story of a boy growing up in the ghetto and emphasize how hard life is for those living in poorer areas. Singer Elvis Presley also calls out the fact that people often turn a blind eye to those impacted by poverty. Presley used his fame as a platform to help normalize polio vaccinations in the 1950s. Today, the disease has been eradicated in all but two countries, Afghanistan and Pakistan, two impoverished countries, who are working hard to completely wipe out this disease.

“Beans For Breakfast” by Johnny Cash

Caught a cold with the window open
Crow droppings o my window sill
Probably got histoplasmosis
… Beans for breakfast once again
Hard to eat them from the can
Plastic forks are a dime a dozen
I’m a hungry nasty lonesome man

Histoplasmosis, a fungal disease that affects the lungs and causes skin lesions, most commonly impacts those with HIV/AIDS or others with compromised immune systems. In Africa, it is most prevalent in the central and western parts. Treatment options include anti-fungal medications such as Amphotericin B or Oral Itraconazole.  The organization LIFE aims to improve fungal infection case outcomes through advocacy and educating public health and medical professionals so that may be able to spot these diseases and effectively treat the patients.

World hunger is an issue that can never get enough advocacy. Through the combined efforts of many people, ranging from politicians to everyday people, including the artists who made it on to the Top 5 Songs About Hunger, it is an issue that is steadily gaining more awareness. In the year 2000, about 900 million people were chronically malnourished, but as of 2018, that number is down to 821 million people. The fight against hunger has proved to be one that takes time and resilience, but with many organizations, including the ones listed here whose mission is to downsize global hunger, it is a fight that can be won.

– CJ Sternfels

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Similarities and Differences Between a Charity, Non-profit Organization and Philanthropy
To get a better understanding of the different ways in which one can contribute to the community, it’s important to know the similarities and differences between charities, nonprofit organizations and philanthropy.

A large part of progress in the world is due to humanitarian aid and contribution, whether it be people donating money or food to the less fortunate or people coming together to work for and promote human welfare. Charities, nonprofit organizations and philanthropy are important to communities because each is effective in bringing positive change and offers valuable opportunities and programs to people.

Giving USA reports that charitable donations surged to an estimated $410.02 billion in 2017, a major increase of 5.2 percent from $389.64 in 2016. This is the first time that Giving exceeded $400 billion in one year.

While charities, nonprofit organizations and philanthropy can be used interchangeably and are similar in that each brings positive change, they differ significantly in the way they operate.


A charity is an immediate but emotional monetary donation or short-term contribution usually intended for crisis and relief efforts and supported completely by the public.

People usually donate to a charity that they have a personal connection to or are emotionally affected by. For instance, if a person is deeply concerned about animals, he or she may give a monetary donation at a local animal shelter.

According to Score, one of the ways to understand the differences between charities, nonprofit organizations and philanthropy is to remember that a nonprofit’s purpose is educational or religious and if its funds promote a cause that affects the general public and uses public solicitation to operate, it is most likely a charity.

Examples of donations to a charity include giving money or food to a homeless shelter, donating to an animal shelter, giving money to The Salvation Army bell-ringers outside one’s local supermarket during the holiday season, etc.

Nonprofit Organizations

A nonprofit organization and a charity are similar in that they both operate on a not-for-profit basis but differ based on whether it is tax-deductible and even in the way it operates. A charitable donation can count as tax-deductible while nonprofit organizations have to meet certain requirements and file with the IRS as a charitable organization.

A popular nationwide nonprofit organization is the American Red Cross. The American Red Cross website states that a donor’s donation goes toward strengthening the Red Cross response to nearly 64,000 disasters a year, providing a safe place, food and other necessities to affected individuals and their families. In 2016, the Red Cross provided 385,000 emergency assistance services, gave millions CPR and AED training and supplied 7 million blood products to patients in need.


One way to remember the differences between charities, nonprofit organizations and philanthropy is by understanding that charities and nonprofits give/contribute while philanthropy involves action. For instance, while a charity can be a quick one-time donation to a school, philanthropy would work toward providing academic scholarships to students or funding to build a better school. Charities aim to lessen the suffering caused by social problems while philanthropists work toward ending social problems.

According to Medium, philanthropy is a long-term strategic investment and intervention dedicated to building long-lasting and successful change in individuals and communities.

While many think a philanthropist is someone who donates large amounts of money to an organization, a philanthropist can be somebody devoted to ending a certain social problem and promoting human welfare.

Impact and Importance

Although there are several differences between charities, nonprofit organizations and philanthropy, the important part is that all of these are effective in building a more efficient and progressive world. It doesn’t matter if someone donates to charities or nonprofit organizations or decides to become a philanthropist, what matters is their contribution serves to help those in need and is also another step toward progress.

– Kristen Uedoi
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cleft lips

Children born with cleft lips deserve to have the same quality of life and level of confidence as those who are not. To accomplish that goal, Smile Train is now becoming the world’s leading nongovernmental organization providing free surgeries for children with cleft lips and palates.

According to the organization’s website, Smile Train has helped millions of children from over 85 developing countries around the world since 1999, including Peru, Nigeria, Nepal and Mexico, just to name a few. As stated in their mission statement, the nonprofit has “transformed the lives of more than one million children by giving them the power of a smile.”

Smile Train prides itself on offering a variety of services that not only cover medical equipment and surgeries to repair cleft lips but also address financial needs, provide comprehensive cleft care and raise awareness about cleft lips. More details on these areas of focus can be found on the organization’s website.

In February 2016, Smile Train organized a visit to one of their local partner hospitals in Cap Haitien, Haiti. Four of the organization’s celebrity advocates, including Miss USA Olivia Jordan, Karrueche Tran, Quincy Brown and Kristen Taekman, took part in this trip.

They had a chance to see with their own eyes how cleft lip surgeries can transform the lives of children in developing countries. The group’s participation has a positive impact on the work of Smile Train by directing more public attention to this solvable issue.

Recently, Herts & Essex Observer reported that a 14-year-old teenage girl who “doubled up at the village pantomime by hosting the interval activities as well as performing” had raised £900 for Smile Train. This highlights that anyone of any age can make a difference.

More real-life stories about Smile Train’s goals and achievements are published regularly on the organization’s blog.

Hoa Nguyen

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Top 10 Global Poverty Nonprofits
Let’s begin with the obvious, all of us at The Borgen Project… are big fans of The Borgen Project. Our bias aside, below is a list of 10 of the top global poverty nonprofits and their commendable work.


Top Global Poverty Nonprofits


1. The Borgen Project – The Borgen Project has taken the plight of the world’s poor to the political level. With access to most members of Congress and an advocacy network of volunteers in every state, The Borgen Project is considered one of the most politically influential organizations fighting for the world’s poor.

2. ONE Campaign – ONE Campaign uses grassroots and advocacy to raise awareness and money to help put a stop to global poverty. They mainly focus their attention on those living in impoverished conditions in Africa.

3. Global Giving – Global Giving is a charity fundraising web site that gives nonprofits from anywhere in the world a chance to raise the money that they need to improve their communities. Since 2002, the project has raised $114,889,647 from 392,257 donors and has supported 10,252 projects.

4. UNICEF – UNICEF is one of the largest nonprofit organizations and it is dedicated to helping children in need. UNICEF does so much for children around the globe, all while promoting education for girls and better health for pregnant women.

5. Partners in Health – Partners in Health is another nonprofit much like [email protected], which is geared towards providing a better quality of living and preventing disease. Partners in Health partners with doctors and health institutions across the globe to provide much needed relief for people who would otherwise be unable to afford health care.

6. GiveWell – GiveWell is a combination of several top rated charities all over the world. Most, if not all, of these charities provide relief for impoverished people in every nation.

7. CARE – CARE wants to cut poverty off at its roots. This nonprofit provide tools for people who are at a higher risk of falling into poverty and they help them to be successful and rise above the poverty within their nations.

8. Life in Abundance – Life in Abundance is a Christian-run organization that mobilizes churches and missionaries alike to provide relief for those who are suffering. This nonprofit wants to provide a healthier lifestyle to those who are living in poverty.

9. International Rescue Committee – The International Rescue Committee responds to the world’s worst humanitarian crises and helps people to survive and rebuild their lives to prevent global poverty. The nonprofit was founded in 1933 due to a request from Albert Einstein himself. The IRC has since offered lifesaving care and life-changing assistance to refugees forced to flee from war or disaster.

10. [email protected] – [email protected], while not primarily putting an end to global poverty, is trying to eradicate one facet of it. [email protected] is a nonprofit that provides vaccinations for those less fortunate so they will not be plagued by preventable diseases.



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Photo: The Guardian