Bill Clinton's First Tweet: the Global Initiative

Bill Clinton was featured recently on the Colbert Report to talk about his global initiative. Here are some of the main questions and responses that Stephen Colbert asked the former U.S. President.

Why help other people?

We live in an interdependent world… The more you reduce poverty overseas, the more you increase education and improve healthcare and empower women and girls, the more you will have growth overseas the more there will be global growth, the better off Americans will be. Every time you cut off somebody else’s opportunities, you shrink your own horizons.

But why ‘Global Initiative’? Why not call it the ‘Clinton America Initiative’?

Fixing America, in part, depends upon having a more receptive world to improve in, one that makes our growth more relevant and  effective.

How would you compare CGI to other big groups that get together like TED Talks?

The simple answer is that here, everybody is expected to make a commitment..I thought people were tired of meetings and just wanted to do something, and it turned out that a fair number were.

Would you like to break into the 21st century right now and send in your first tweet?

Just spent an amazing time with Colbert. Is he sane? He is cool! #CGIU

As Colbert sends in Clinton’s first tweet, he says, “sir welcome to the future.”

– Leen Abdallah

Source: YouTube