mozambique flood
Heavy rains last month have caused a destructive flood in the southern part of Mozambique. The forecast predicts more heavy rain and a high risk of continued flooding. On February 11, the U.N. Emergency Humanitarian Fund has allocated $5 million to distribute life-saving resources and assistance to more than 150,000 people displaced by the flood.

The flood during this rainy season has killed 150 people and destroyed hundreds of homes and crops. The funds from the U.N. Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF), managed by the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), will be used to provide essentials such as food and shelter, medical care, and water and sanitation.

The large scale of the disaster calls for more aid and funding, however. OCHA has announced that $10 million has been allocated for the emergency in a news release. For now, $2.3 million will be distributed to the World Food Program, over $1 million to UNICEF and the International Organization for Migration and $820,000 to a joint UNICEF/U.N. Population Fund/WHO project.

This allocation is only the first step. CERF aims to solicit $30.6 million from the international community to continue the flood relief efforts, ensuring a quick recovery.

– Pimrapee Thungkasemvathana

Source: UN
Photo: Business Recorder