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What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of “science?” Picturesque frames of a mad man with wacky grey hair, tinkering with beakers and laboratory equipment? Perhaps a venerable historical figure, like Marie Curie or Sir Isaac Newton floods the brain. Whatever thoughts the word “science” brings about, the organization FHI 360 seeks to morph the pre-conceived notions of science into one that is directly linked to reducing global poverty.

Operating in more than 60 countries and all U.S. states and territories, their motto, “the science of improving lives”, reflects a “360°” philosophy that socio-economic development is not just a humanitarian issue, but dabbles in all aspects of science.

Based on 40+ years of experience, FHI 360 has discovered the secret to improving lives in an achievable and sustainable manner. Through cultivating, sharing, and applying skill sets taught by programs that combine evidence with experience, this organization is able to deliver the highest level of influence.

FHI 360’s main objective is to empower individuals. In taking ownership of their own human development needs, these individuals can create a life long and sustainable avenue out of poverty. The organization believes that the world can be steered toward an age in which individuals, together with their communities, have equal access to the opportunities necessary to achieve their highest potential.

In partnering with governments, civil society organizations, the private sector and local communities, FHI 360 believes the key to the reduction of global poverty is the unanimous involvement of all individuals.

With a larger-than-life ethical compass, relentless accountability, mutual respect and undying passion, FHI 360 develops programs based on an interconnected perspective that all aspects of life are inseparable. FHI 360 explains their model:

“Improving lives in sustainable, measurable ways is possible only when we connect ideas, resources and people who have a stake in the issues affecting their communities. Through customized responses that address multiple aspects of people’s lives, we can exponentially increase the impact of our work.”

Their dedication to a holistic approach to combating global poverty makes FHI 360 a leader in reducing global poverty. Health, nutrition, education, economic development, environment, and civil society are just a few of the areas where FHI 360 is present. Through research in science and technology, they regularly effect national policies and publish in prominent academic journals that help lead major development partners in a global direction.

The dream of FHI 360, is to convince people to think of “science” as a global issue, not in increasing technologies for already technologically prosperous countries, but building a highly technological and sustainable foundation for the whole world. One scour over their website will show the inspiring persistence of this organization. Utilizing science in a way that fights global poverty builds communities from atom to affluence.

– Kali Faulwetter

Source: FHI 360
Photo: FHI 360