In an effort to provide basic educational tools to children affected by the conflict in Gaza, UAE-based organization Dubai Cares assembled over 50,000 school kits for children in Gaza, Palestine.

The summer of 2014 proved to be devastating for many in Palestine and around the world. An increase in militarized conflict claimed the lives of over 2,000 people and it is estimated that at least 100,000 homes were destroyed. With such damage occurring, citizens are fleeing the country and those who cannot leave, face insurmountable obstacles.

This worrisome conflict has caused a number of responses from around the globe, but the one that has proved the most important is from the international aid community. A number of organizations have stepped up to help create positive change and provide necessary aid to communities in Gaza, especially the children. The persistent violence and wreckage of regional infrastructure has made attending school a challenge for many children.

To help rebuild the educational system in Gaza, Dubai Cares assembled a team of volunteers to create school kits that would be distributed to children, in conjunction with United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East, or UNRWA. The kits include a backpack, notebooks, sketchbooks, a geometry kit, a calculator and a pencil case equipped with pens, pencils, crayons, erasers, etc.

Chief Executive Officer of Dubai Cares, Tariq Al Gurg said, “This was a memorable campaign for us as we had the chance to extend further support to the children of Gaza by sending them the school kits that the UAE community put together for them. Despite the fact that these children live under hazardous conditions, the people of the UAE strongly felt that they deserve the same educational opportunities as their peers in other parts of the world.”

This campaign was launched as a part of Dubai Cares’ ‘Rebuild Palestine. Start with Education.’ Initiative, launched in October of 2014. This initiative, at a total of approximately $3 million, was created in an effort to rebuild Palestine’s educational sector by implementing programs that focused on providing children with psycho-social support, coping mechanisms and heightened educational security so that they are well equipped when the region gains stability.

Al Gurg said, “Palestinian children need the security of education in order to grow their skill set and rise above the challenges they face today.”

Dubai Cares continues to place an emphasis on rehabilitating the children of Gaza so that they have the chance to take an active part in their own futures. As these children continue to face the day to day challenges of living in a conflict zone, perhaps it is with hope that they view these kits; a gesture of goodwill from the people of a country not so far away.

– Candice Hughes

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Photo: Flickr