development projects in sudan
Sudan has been rife with conflict for most of its existence. The country is dealing with economic challenges, health concerns, a large population living below the poverty line and the ever-present threat of violent conflict. Many organizations are working in Sudan to help improve conditions for those living there, and progress is being made. As an example, the life expectancy in Sudan has risen from 58.4 in 2000 to 64.2 in 2015. Ahead are five development projects that are making a difference in Sudan.

  1. Earlier this year, the Sudanese government and the African Development Bank launched the ENABLE Youth Program. This project helps youth in the country get involved in agriculture and learn business skills that will help them make a living. This is an important step in diversifying Sudan’s economy and decreasing its reliance on oil.
  1. The Strengthening Sub-National Fiscal Policy Management project is seeking to promote greater equity in Sudan’s public resource use and increase government transparency. There is a large disparity in resource allocation between different regions within Sudan and this project is working to level the playing field.
  1. The second phase of the Sustainable Livelihoods for Displaced and Vulnerable Communities in Eastern Sudan project (SLDP2) is continuing to help people living in Sudan’s poorest region identify labor needs and find workers to complete these tasks. This creates new jobs that do not require a great deal of training and work toward the betterment of the community.
  1. The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) has made development projects in Sudan a priority since 1979. Today the organization focuses its programs on agriculture and livestock. It is working to enhance crop productivity and increase access to financial services in Sudan’s rural farming communities.
  1. The United Nations Development Project (UNDP) is confronting many key issues in Sudan. UNDP projects in Sudan focus on poverty reduction, establishing and stabilizing democratic institutions and fighting HIV, malaria and other diseases.

Development projects in Sudan have played an important role in improving the quality of life for those living in the country. With continued investment from the global community and regular evaluation of projects’ effectiveness, there is hope for a more stable and peaceful Sudan.

– Aaron Childree

Photo: Flickr