Development Projects in Cambodia

Cambodia is a developing country with a population of over 16 million. There are many ways for countries to become developed, including improvements to infrastructure and education. Here are five development projects in Cambodia.

  1. Secondary Education Improvement Act. The country of Cambodia achieved a 98 percent primary enrollment in 2015. Cambodia has done much to expand education, including building 1,000 schools over the past 10 years. The purpose of the Secondary Education Act is “to expand lower secondary education to achieve minimum standards in target areas,” according to the World Bank. Since having basic reading skills can increase one’s earnings, this act can have potential long-term benefits.
  2. Livelihood Enhancement and Association of the Poor Project (LEAP) Almost 18 percent of Cambodia’s population is under the poverty line. The LEAP project aims to increase access to financial services and income-generating opportunities for vulnerable households.
  3. Water Resources Management Sector Development Program. About 75 percent of the population has access to clean drinking water. The program will upgrade the irrigation systems in Cambodia so that people will have access to clean water. According to the Asian Development Bank, the project will also strengthen the capacity of the government and communities to manage water resources.
  4. Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) for Floating Villages Project. While the net enrollment for primary education is 98 percent, enrollment for children aged three to five is only 41 percent. The ECCD project aims to provide access to quality services through community and home-based programs for children under age five.
  5. Flood Damage Emergency Reconstruction Project. In 2011, a flood in Cambodia destroyed crops, infrastructure and overall affected more than 1 million people. This particular project aims to help rebuild the infrastructure that was damaged in the flooded area, such as 524 kilometers of roads and six bridges. It will also restore irrigation systems and people’s livelihoods.

Cambodia has experienced strong economic growth over the last decade, with an average annual growth rate of its GDP at over seven percent per year. With these projects and plans in place, the country will be on the right track to building and developing further. As many of these development projects in Cambodia strive to increase earnings at an individual level, the economic benefits will continue to be tremendous.

– Dezanii Lewis

Photo: Flickr