development projects in armenia

With a population of over three million, Armenia relies heavily on Russian support due to its geographic isolation, numerous monopolies in the business sector and a small list of countries to which it can export its goods. The unemployment rate in the country is nearly 19 percent as of 2016. Development projects in Armenia are taking place that seek to address these issues among others.

Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) is a Peace Corps project that has been teaching English in Armenian villages and towns since 1992. Peace Corps TEFL volunteers work in both secondary schools and colleges. The project has two goals: improving student academic performance and success in life and improving the effectiveness of teachers by forming communities and relationships with their TEFL colleagues.

Irrigation Systems Enhancement Project (ISEP)

In 2013, the World Bank Board of Executive Directors approved a $30 million loan for the ISEP. The goal of this project is to build efficient and sustainable irrigation while reducing the amount of energy used. In conjunction with The World Bank, the ISEP has successfully managed to decrease water shortages and increase the reliability of water supply and delivery.

Improving the Quality of Neonatal Care Services in Armenia

This development project in Armenia is a USAID initiative, and it seeks to improve upon the performance of health care providers through family-centered neonatal care, creating a system of constant quality improvement in healthcare facilities and strengthening the capacity of selected professional associations in advancing neonatal care standards. By achieving these goals, this program will address the issue of Armenia’s child mortality rate.

2015 Armenia Demographic and Health Survey (ADHS)

The ADHS is a nationwide household survey that is used to gather key demographic information on health-related issues. Information from the survey allows government officials to make decisions on how much funding will be allocated for which health programs.

The Development Foundation of Armenia (DFA)

One of the core development projects in Armenia is the country’s leading authority on investment, export and tourism promotion. The Development Foundation of Armenia aids possible investors by providing information on investment opportunities, the country’s business climate and recent government legislation. The DFA promotes tourism by running campaigns that show Armenia as a popular tourist destination and creating trips that familiarize international media with the country. Recently, the DFA appointed a representative in Chicago.

With these development projects in Armenia, along with others currently taking place, Armenia will be able to make strides in its economy and healthcare. With help from organizations like USAID, the World Bank and the Peace Corps, continued improvement seems to be a likely possibility.

– Blake Chambers

Photo: Flickr