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Democrats and Republicans are different; we all know that. Throw out any social or economic topic, and bipartisan debate is sure to rage. Take foreign aid, for example. Republicans are notoriously opposed to foreign assistance, while Democrats usually favor it.

However, these perceived differences between the parties do not always hold true. Leaders of both parties have spoken openly in support of foreign aid. Foreign assistance is not a Democratic or Republican issue, but, rather, an American one.

Here are five quotes from notable Democratic leaders about this issue. These quotes can be compared to quotes from Republican leaders here.

  1.  “Foreign assistance is not a giveaway. It’s not charity.  It is an investment in a strong America and free world.” – U.S. Senator John Kerry
  2. “Growth in poor economies will be an engine of our own economy, and our success is tied to the progress of those around us. The investments we make today in the developing world will help create the jobs of tomorrow here in America. Right now, the tough choice is to maintain foreign assistance, not to cut it. Right now, the bold act of leadership is to defend spending on key international programs, not to attack it.” – Bill Gates
  3. “The 1 percent of our budget we spend on all diplomacy and development is not what is driving our deficit. Not only can we afford to maintain a strong civilian presence, we cannot afford not to. The simple truth is, if we don’t seize the opportunities available today, other countries will; other countries will fight for their companies while ours fend for themselves. Other countries will promote their own models and serve their own interests, instead of opening markets, reinforcing the rule of law and creating widespread inclusive growth. Other countries will create the jobs that should be created here, and even claim the mantle of global leadership.” – Former U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton
  4. “Moreover, the United States will continue to support those nations that transition to democracy — with greater trade and investment — so that freedom is followed by opportunity. We will pursue a deeper engagement with governments, but also with civil society — students and entrepreneurs, political parties and the press. We have banned those who abuse human rights from traveling to our country. And we’ve sanctioned those who trample on human rights abroad. And we will always serve as a voice for those who’ve been silenced.” – President Barack Obama
  5. “Relations between the United States and other countries, and our role as a global leader, are advanced by our willingness to help other countries in need. Foreign aid is essential to protecting U.S. interests around the world, and it is also a moral responsibility of the wealthiest, most powerful nation.” – U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy

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– Tara Young 

Sources: Pew Research Center, InterAction
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