borgen project reviews
Thousands of people have volunteered or interned at The Borgen Project. Below are Borgen Project reviews and quotes from those who’ve volunteered or interned at the organization. If you’d like to get better insight into what it’s like volunteering or interning and would like to talk with someone in your area who volunteers at The Borgen Project, please contact [email protected].


“Cutting edge, hip, non-partisan and a cause that is noble.”- Bill Childers, Charleston, SC

“The Borgen Project has the power to help the most people.” – A. L. Loy Fort Collins, CO

“The Borgen Project has a very clear mission and has a very realistic, solid plan for achieving its goals. It is well organized, well respected.” – Jessica Muller-Pearson, New Orleans, LA

“I have volunteered for organizations and food kitchens that help a handful of people or a specific family. This is great, however, I wanted to have a bigger impact and affect more people. That is what drew me to The Borgen Project: by influencing political leaders, we can help millions more people than would of been possible at the organizations I have previously worked with.” – Amelia Merritt, Mercer Island, WA

“The Borgen Project is the voice for the world’s voiceless.” Adrienne Ostrove, Albany, NY

“Most organizations focus on raising money to bring clean water and improve sanitation/living conditions, which is amazing, but The Borgen Project focuses on policy – which is where real changes can be made.” – Kayla Ring, Poway, CA

“I was interested in the advocacy aspect of The Borgen Project. Many non-profits seem to circumvent the political process when dealing with international aid and development, and I was impressed and intrigued with how The Borgen Project works through the political channels by lobbying Congressional leaders and staff, as well as engaging and mobilizing the greater population to do more to end global poverty.” – Cailyn Torpie, Seattle, WA

“For me, The Borgen Project is the gateway to the end of global poverty.” – Patricia Ashe, Birmingham, AL

“The Borgen Project is people who care about ending global poverty bringing it to the attention of the people in power.” – Sonya Servine, Seattle, WA