charities operating in India
Located in southern Asia, the country of India is among the most impoverished nations in the world, with a staggering 87.5% of Indian constituents making below $5.50 per day. Although these numbers are severe, in recent years there has been a notable decline in the poverty rate, and much of this has been possible through the aid of notable charities operating in India. Here is a list of five unique and impactful charities operating in India.

5 Charities Operating in India

  1. Sanitation First: Sanitation First began operations in 1997. It is a charity dedicated to supplementing impoverished Indian communities with healthy and convenient sanitation practices. Sanitation in India is a major concern as there is a culture of poverty in the country, and not enough educational programs or regulatory laws prevent the onset of unsanitary living. Poor sanitation practices can put underserved populations at higher risk for developing diseases, which can further contribute to a continued cycle of poverty. Sanitation First proactively prevents this vicious cycle by educating these communities about the importance of proper hygiene and by aiding with the implementation of environmentally friendly waste disposal solutions. The organization’s work is incredibly necessary as it provides hope and relief to not only impoverished community members but also to the environment as inappropriate waste disposal can have adverse effects on ecosystems. Presently, only 71% of the Indian population has access to basic sanitation services.
  2. Asan: Asan is a one-to-one donation business that emerged in 2011. Asan partners with several charities operating in India with the mission to eradicate period poverty. It produces medical-grade, easy-to-use menstrual cups for women, and for each purchase, it donates a menstrual cup to a woman in need. Asan has partnered with Indian charities such as ‘Pad and Prejudice’ and ‘EcoFemme,’ amongst others. Period poverty is a considerable issue in India as several cultural stigmas prevent impoverished women from receiving adequate education surrounding the topic of feminine hygiene. This can often result in long-term physical health issues for these women. Through these supportive programs, Asan has donated thousands of Asan cups to struggling communities and additionally has offered educational insight on how to properly care for the female body during a menstrual cycle, stigma-free.
  3. Abhoy Mission: Based in Tripura India, founded in 1988, the Abhoy Mission is a charity in India with a specific focus on helping the elderly and individuals with disabilities. The organization uses much of its funding to aid the elderly, especially those living in extreme poverty. The institution aims to provide for them by offering basic needs such as food, clothes and more. This is essential, especially for those within this demographic who are physically unable to work or care for themselves as a result of health issues that come with old age. Through its work, most specifically the ‘sponsor a grandparent’ program, the Abhoy mission has reached elder underserved Indian citizens, aiding them in feeling comfortable in their final years.
  4. Aarti for Girls: Aarti for Girls is a shelter for abandoned children and experienced extreme poverty in their childhood as a result of gender-based discrimination. For reference, of the 30 million estimated abandoned children in India, 90% are girls. Aarti for girls fosters these orphans and provides them with the opportunity to receive an education. Through this education, these girls can earn a job and gain financial and emotional independence. This allows them to care for themselves and to prevent future generations from continuing to live in an impoverished state. Thus far, the Aarti program has cared for more than 6,000 orphans and has educated more than 50,000 women through its livelihood teachings.
  5. Being Human: Being Human is a foundation that the Indian actor Salman Khan, famed for his highly revered work in more than 50 Bollywood films, founded. His charity focuses on providing health care and education to the underprivileged by supporting the development of career and educational resource centers, relief initiatives and health camps among others. Salman Khan’s influence has allowed the program to complete significant work, including launching the Being Bajrangi campaign, which aided in finding missing children across India to prevent them from becoming subject to extreme poverty. Through this particular campaign, 51 children have reunited with their families, and today are receiving proper education.

Concluding Thoughts

With mission statements that address themes of sanitation poverty, period poverty, elder poverty and gender-based poverty, these charities are just five amongst the thousands of charities in India working towards decreasing the poverty trendline and promising a better tomorrow for impoverished Indians.

– Aarika Sharma
Photo: Flickr