Causes of Poverty in Romania
Severe poverty and complications within economic systems occur for a variety of different reasons. The contributing factors behind poverty in the poorest of countries are usually obvious. They include poor water quality, a lack of resources, shared food and housing and other noticeable struggles. However, the causes of poverty in Romania go a little deeper than these norms.

Romania entered the European Union in 2007. Despite its growing economy, it ranks as Europe’s most poverty-stricken nation.

Even though the structures and education systems are better established in Romania than in many other poor countries, Romania’s social systems and flawed pay benefits cause great financial harm to its citizens.

When asked about the causes of poverty, Romanians report that several of Romania’s social programs give equally to those who are rich and to those who are poor, neglecting to give direct attention to those who are struggling financially. This fact, combined with flaws in Romania’s social systems that allow people to misuse the aid, results in the failure of assistance to reach some of the families that need it the most.

On paper, Romania’s economy seems to flourish, yet poverty continues to worsen.

Racism is the root of several causes of poverty in Romania. Those who are Romani in Romania are more likely to struggle with poverty due to racism and oppression.

Large Roma families are hardly able to afford food and basic necessities. They often live in dangerous and unstable areas such as caves and are not considered to be Romanian citizens by the public.

A 2013 survey found that around 27% of men of Roma descent reported being discriminated against due to their race when looking for jobs. This, of course, does not include those who are ashamed of unemployment or are too afraid to acknowledge their own discrimination.

Between flaws in Romania’s government and some very problematic racial issues, Romania experiences an array of poverty sources. provides opportunities to help people in Romania by providing sources for advocacy and donations. This is a way that anyone can help alleviate financial distress and fight the causes of poverty in Romania.

Noel Mcdavid

Photo: Pixabay