My Congressmen... Who are they?If you’re wondering who are my Congressmen, then look no further. The Borgen Project has the inside scoop on who your Congressmen and Congresswomen are and how to contact them.

Everyone living in the United States is served by 2 U.S. Senators and 1 U.S. Representative. Enter your zip code below to find their name and phone number.

100 Senators + 435 Representatives = Congress

Congress in Simple Terms…

  • You have three members of Congress who represent you in D.C. – two Senators and one Representative.
  • Senators serve 6-year terms in the Senate and there are two from each state.
  • Representatives serve 2-year terms in the House of Representatives. The number of representatives from each state is determined by population. For example, there are numerous Representatives from New York City while there is only one Representative serving the entire state of Alaska.
  • Representatives are frequently referred to as Congressmen, Congresswomen or Reps.

Learn how to call Congress and why these phone calls help influence leaders.


Thank you for your interest in calling into C-SPAN. Due to the large number of advocates who’ve called into the network to raise awareness about global poverty, we’re asking people to hold off on calling into C-SPAN programs.



call talk radio

How to Call Talk Radio

Calling talk radio shows is an easy way to bring the issues to thousands of people.


1. Find a talk radio show. You can search the web for stations you normally listen to or simply search for local talk radio shows in your city. Most stations have a call-in number listed on their website.

2. Listen in. Make notes of how you’ll inject global poverty into the discussion being addressed. Write down the question or comment you want to say.

3. Call in. Depending on how busy the lines are, you might have trouble getting through initially. Be persistent. Try a different day. When you do get through, a staffer will ask you what you’d like to discuss and then put you on hold until the radio host calls on you.

4. Say it. Once you’re on air, make your comment or ask your question. That’s all there is to it! You just brought the issue to thousands of people.



Tip: Write a cheat sheet of facts and info to use.




This is How it’s Done!


Listen to a Borgen Project advocate call into a talk show and move a conversation about the Middle East to global poverty.

Search for radio stations in your city




C-SPAN offers daily opportunities to call in during live shows and directly ask members of Congress questions. C-SPAN Washington Journal Telephone Numbers (Live 7-10AM EST):

  • Democrats: (202) 585-3880
  • Republicans: (202) 585-3881
  • Independents: (202) 585-3882