New Online Business School
In July 2019, business coach and trainer Tricia Ikponmwonba launched a new online business school called Business Lab Africa (BLA), which provides qualitative and relevant knowledge for growth in the business field to entrepreneurs from around the world. Ikponmwonba, who has trained over 20,000 entrepreneurs across 10 different countries and has worked with multinational corporations such as Nokia, Coca Cola and Wrigley’s, is not offering the course content for free. The monthly subscription for either of its categories (for growing businesses and for established businesses) is very cheap, however.

Course Topics and Accessibility

Business experts from all over the globe teach the BLA’s courses, which people can access via mobile applications as well as the school’s website. Classes range from marketing and management to finance and business structure, and each month, the courses offered focus on one particular area of study for each type of business. In-depth explanatory videos that instructors recorded and live classes with field experts supplement these focus areas. They also include worksheets and templates geared towards helping students retain the material that they are learning.

The new online business school also uses peer-to-peer learning techniques in its online community where students can collaborate with each other. This is a major cornerstone of the program, as it stresses the importance of students being able to share ideas and techniques with each other, which can help students learn quicker and more efficiently. BLA also places a special emphasis on updating the quality and content of its program regularly to fit the current work environment. This is an important aspect of the program because the business world is always changing and many individuals and businesses must continue to learn new skills in order to succeed.

Positive Testimony

The fact that there are already numerous success stories from individuals who have taken classes from the BLA is a testament to the quality of the courses. Boyede Adebanjo, who is the Director of Administration at an elementary school in Nigeria, claims that the classes she took—Business Structure and Customer Service—gave her, along with her colleagues, insightful knowledge as to how to work on and improve the school’s five-year business strategy and overall business structure. Since these enhancements, Adebanjo has seen major improvements in worker productivity, which has helped improve the quality of education that the school can offer young children.

Looking Ahead

By 2022, the BLA hopes to have reached 100,000 entrepreneurs, giving each the knowledge and tools that they will need to succeed in the business world. While the company is not yet certified, it likely will be in the near future as it continues to produce results for its clients. All said it seems clear that this new online business school will continue to progress in a positive direction in the coming years.

– Jillian Rose
Photo: Flickr