Below is a list of some of the best and most influential world hunger blogs around. The following blogs use various journalistic styles to spread the word about world hunger and news from around the world. After you finish reading through The Borgen Project blog, take a look at some of these!

1. Action Against Hunger– regular postings on major global hunger news and breaking events. The blog is part of the organization’s website. Action Against Hunger is a global humanitarian organization committed to ending world hunger.

2. Bread Blog- part of the Bread for the World organization. This blog reports US national events and important global stories in the fight against global poverty.

3. From Poverty to Power– a blog from OXFAM. It discusses the avenues individuals can take to achieve power. It is based on the thoughts from the Author, Duncan Green, and is meant to serve as a conversation and debate starter about development policy.

4. The Hunger and Under-nutrition Blog– aims to promote an informed dialogue, and serve as a resource for those in the field, and empower people at all levels to do what they can to make undernutrition and nutrition-related deaths and diseases a thing of the past.

5. International Food Policy Research Institute– the organization seeks sustainable solutions for ending world hunger and poverty. They have a vision of a world free of poverty and hunger and their blog focuses on what the IFPRI is doing as well as major news stories.

6. ONE blog– is part of the ONE organization. ONE’s goal is to fight the absurdity of extreme poverty by asking people to advocate for the world’s poor by taking action instead of simply talking about the problem.

7. Plenty to Think About– a blog highlighting, “the thinking persons guide to feeding a hungry planet”. This blog focuses on dietary solutions that can help end world hunger

8. Universities Fighting World Hunger- this organization works with the UN World Food Programme to mobilize US and international universities to make fighting world hunger a core value of higher education institutions. The blog is informative and journalistic and it provides a summary of the actions individuals within the organization are taking to fight world hunger.

9. WhyHunger blog- shares the stories of community-based organizations that are leading by example and working together to build the movement to end hunger and poverty.

10. OXFAM blogs– these blogs come from OXFAM staff around the world and document the problems, successes, and news coming from their local regions.

– Caitlin Zusy 
Source: Action Against Hunger, Bread for the World, OXFAM Blogs, Hunger and Under-nutrition Blog, International Food Policy Research Institute, ONE blog, Plenty to Think About, Universities Fighting World Hunger, WhyHunger blog, OXFAM blogs
Photo: Africa Dream