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Earlier last month, educational technology company Blackboard Inc. announced plans to award five grants to global learning programs as a part of the organization’s Charitable Giving Program.

Based out of Washington D.C., the company aims to reimagine global education through charitable donations. The donations are provided to different organizations and programs that are helping individuals across the globe gain access to educational opportunities.

Here are the organization’s 2015 Charitable Giving Program recipients:

  1. Lark’s Song. As a non-profit organization focused on giving individuals and organizations the tools to succeed through education, Lark’s Song will use the funds to support its Global Education Initiative in Zambia, Africa, with the goal of providing educational training and establish internet access within the area.
  2. The Black Star Project. The Black Star Project addresses the achievement gap in education for students in different racial groups. The organization will use the proceeds to fund academic enrichment programs including its Youth Tech 2.0 program which helps students learn to develop websites for businesses within their communities.
  3. New Community For Children (NCFC). NCFC aims to provide children with educational experiences that build their academic, social and creative skills through the advocacy of improved educational opportunities. The proceeds will help fund the organization’s STEM curriculum and other educational programs.
  4. Turning the Page. Turning the Page works with public schools and families to provide students with educational resources and access to a high-quality education. The Blackboard proceeds will be used to increase technology education and accessibility to children living in D.C. and Chicago.
  5. Digital Harbor Foundation. As an organization dedicated to fostering learning, creativity, and productivity through learning, The Digital Harbor Foundation will use the funds to increase tech education opportunities for children, organizations and educators across the U.S.

According to Blackboard, the Charitable Giving Program was established in 2014 as a way for the organization to improve the availability and effectiveness of global education by promoting and providing educational availability worldwide.

“The work that these organizations do every day is directly tied to creating better outcomes for learners around the world, and I couldn’t be more proud to support them,” Jay Bhatt, current CEO of Blackboard Inc. said to PR Newswire. “I look forward to working with them throughout the coming year to help accomplish their unique goals and missions.”

Lauren Lewis

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Photo: Blackboard Blog