Bezos Family Foundation
The Bezos Family Foundation was established by Jackie and Mike Bezos while working alongside with children and spouses that serve as the directors, and gives a whole new meaning to family tradition. This private and independent foundation has a vision of all people being prepared to achieve their full potential in life.

There are three main areas on which the foundation focuses. They are are: early learning, K-12 education and youth leadership and global engagement. Through these three areas, the hope is that it will give strengths to people in education and in life skills to every age group.

The first main area the foundation focuses on, as mentioned above, is early learning and through this the members look at science approaches to old problems and gives a new approach to basic development brain research. This research is meant to broaden the understanding of how young children learn and develop.

Through the early learning program the foundation partners with many other organizations, one of which is Acelero Learning, first partnered in 2012. The mission of Acelero Learning is to inspire a positive family and child outcomes to help close the achievement gap and build a better future for children and families.

The next main area that the foundation focuses on is K-12 education. Through this program the foundation supports teaching, school and system leadership. As well as the early learning program there are also partners with organizations that bring thoughtful innovations in K-12—with emphasis on STEM education. The vision for students goes beyond high school and the foundation aims to teach the tools needed to excel in college.

One partner through this program is 50 EGGS, INC. A partner since 2013, 50 EGGS INC. is led by award-winning documentary filmmaker Mary Mazzio. The company is dedicated to creating films that leave a positive social impact.

The last area that the foundation focuses on is youth leadership and global engagement. Supporting young and motivated leaders is the goal through this program, which seeks to do so by providing opportunities to expand awareness of global issues.

A partner for this program since 2005 is the Aspen Institute. This organization fosters values-based leadership and provides a neutral and balanced venue for discussing and acting on critical issues. Aspen Institute is a Bezos Scholars Program founding partner and the partnership stimulates youth leadership development and global awareness.

– Brooke Smith

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