The United Nations is a multi-national cooperation with a variety of lofty goals. Among other objectives, the UN upholds the Millennium Development Goals, promotes global economic prosperity, and serves as one of the world’s most prominent “peacekeepers,” brokering deals between nations in order to promote equality, peace and prosperity across the globe.

Yet to some people, the UN may seem like a distant, disconnected entity without any real-world application. The The Better World Fund seeks to change this perception by enabling nongovernmental organizations, corporations, and individuals to engage with the UN directly.

The Better World Fund is not to be mistaken with A Better World Fund, a nonprofit endowment organization that provides grants to charities working domestically and abroad in the areas of human rights, hunger, health, ecology, economic development and education.

While The Better World Fund oversees several partnership efforts, much of its work is coordinated through The Better World Campaign, a project of The Better World Fund that seeks to strengthen the relationship between the UN and the U.S. through advocacy, outreach and communication.

Founded in 1998, The Better World Campaign focuses its efforts on several main areas. The first of its goals is to ensure that the U.S. regularly pays its UN dues on time and in full. The UN relies primarily on dues from member nations in order to fund its activities.

Traditionally, the U.S. has shouldered the bulk of these dues, contributing 22 percent of the regular UN budget and 27 percent of the peacekeeping budget, according to The Better World Campaign’s website. Nevertheless, the UN is critical to advancing many of the U.S.’ national causes, and The Better World Campaign believes it continues to be in the U.S.’ best interest to support the UN financially.

The Better World Campaign also focuses its efforts on ongoing U.S. engagement with the Human Rights Counsel, greater support for UN peacekeeping operations in places like Sudan and Syria, increased public awareness of the work of UN specialized agencies, and increased funding for the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). The Better World Campaign also seeks continued reforms to UN structures and programs in order for the UN to better address the new global challenges of the 21st century.

Katrina Beedy

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