The Bank of Agriculture Boosts Small Scale FarmersThe Bank of Agriculture and the Kebbi State government have begun a collaboration to increase the number of small scale farmers in Kebbi State, Nigeria. The Bank of Agriculture has agreed to expend one to two billion naira to encourage and help small scale farmers boost their production. This partnership is specifically targeting small scale farmers because these are the people that produce the majority of the food consumed by the nation. Improving and increasing its efficiency will help the nation become more self-sustainable.

The Bank of Agriculture typically provides credit to commercial farmers and smallholders. Thus, it is quite unique that they are collaborating with the Kebbi State government. Getting support from the Kebbi State government ensures that the government will provide other tools and support necessary to help boost small scale farmer food production and lead to the success of the program put in place by the Bank of Agriculture. Kebbi State Governor, Alh. Saidu Dakingari, has already made a public statement in which he has promised support for the small scale farmers that receive some of the money put up by the Bank of Agriculture.

The success of the program will lead to better food security, reduce the number of those living in poverty, and help generate employment opportunities.

– Angela Hooks

Source: AllAfrica
Photo: New Nigerian Newspapers