Few organizations have a vision as ambitious as “to empower at least one million families by 2013 by providing financial assistance,” but ASIRVAD is determined to do just that. ASIRVAD operates in India and provides economic support to families and communities in rural and urban regions of the vast country.

Founded in 2007, ASIRVAD Microfinance Private LTD has been addressing Indian’s agricultural economic needs. The organization focuses on economic growth and micro-finance to alleviate poverty. With assistance from ASIRVAD, poor clients are able to purchase land, seeds, technology and other business necessities. This assistance empowers the clients to lift themselves out of poverty once their farms begin producing an income.

The company offers two types of products: income generating products and business loans.

The income generating products consist of “micro loans provided to borrowers as per the RBI stipulated norms for income generating purposes.” The business loans range from “Rs. 50,000  (US 800.750) to Rs.1,00,000 (US 1601.50) [and are] provided for persons doing business for improving their existing business.” In addition to ensuring economic aid, ASIRVAD vows to provide excellent customer service.

ASIRVAD boasts the results of a recent study of the company. The study reported superb levels of transparency, governance, services altered to clients’ unique needs, client protection, low costs and high efficiency and a supportive environment for staff members. Through these programs and high standards of operation, ASIRVAD has been offering vital economic assistance to poor Indians for the past six years. This company is playing a crucial role in the fight against poverty in India.

– Mary Penn

Sources: ASIRVAD, Mix Market
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